Remember that euphoric feeling you’d get after racing home from school, grabbing a fresh muesli bar and switching on the TV to catch the end of Suite Life of Zack and Cody or that fight you’d have with your sibling over who got to play Sims first? Those were the days of our lives …

As a throwback to the sweeter times when the only stress you had was whether or not you were going to get Milo and ice cream after dinner or when the hell your crush was going to hit you up on MSN, we’ve got 17 kids’ TV throwbacks from your childhood that made absolutely no sense but were still somehow pretty memorable:

1. The Fairly Odd Parents

Were you even a real fan if you didn’t recite the theme song without fail every time this banger of a show came on?

Gif of fairly odd parents

2. Go Go Stop

You knew as soon as this sh*t came on it was time to go go stop and turn off the TV.

Image from Go Go Stop 2004
Gif of someone turning the tv off

3. Round the Twist

When you got stuck having to watch this utter crap that was slotted into the prime 4pm TV time.

Image of round the twist tv show title

4. ChalkZone

This show had a super creepy vibe but always had some sick imagination behind it.

Image of chalkzone tv show

5. Kim Possible

The O.G. badass b*tch. Bring it back we say.

Gif of Kim Possible

6. Angela Anaconda

Another creepy kids’ show to add to the list of ABC shows with storylines that made no sense. This show was just a pre-teen going through those pre-teen struggles yet we couldn’t get enough.

Image of Angela Anaconda

7. CatDog

It must’ve taken a special kind to create a show where a dog and cat were genetically sewn together to go on weird adventures. Like a human centipede for kids.

Image of cat dog from tv show cat dog

8. Arthur

What a wonderful kind of day! The only kids’ show that included diversity and modern day issues. For those wondering what he actually was, Arthur was an anthropomorphic aardvark …

Gif of Arthur

9. The Saddle Club

We all know the kinds of girls who watched this one. Shoutout to the horse girls, amirite?

Image of Saddle Club

10. Hey Arnold

The opening song was better than the show itself. You knew you were in for a good 30 mins when you heard that tune come on.

Gif of Hey Arnold tv show

11. Recess

The most relatable kids’ show at the time, it always really understood the struggles of being at school with nasty teachers, schoolyard beef and don’t even get us started on Randall, the little snitch.

Gif of recess tv show

12. Lizzie McGuire

The most cringeworthy yet addictive TV series around at the time. The real reason girls started putting nice guys in the friend-zone … we feel for you Gordo.


13. Sitting Ducks

This show was actually a right laugh in the mornings.

Image of sitting ducks tv show

14. Rugrats

Behind Spongebob Squarepants, the Rugrats was the best show going around. When you go back and watch now you’d see they used a lot of adult references that went straight over our heads.

Gif of rugrats

15. Tiny Planets

This show got us hooked even though it had absolutely no words or storyline.

Image of tiny planets tv show

16. The Powerpuff Girls

A kids’ show with unintentional feminism, we are down for that.

Image of Power Puff girls

17. The Wild Thornberrys

On all the time yet never anyone’s favourite. Not bad but not as good as Rugrats.

Image from wild thornberry's tv show



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