Any normal vacation would leave you needing at least 1-2 weeks to soak it all up but when it comes to Las Vegas it’s a whole other ball game. 24 hours gives you plenty of time for the sights, the slots and the shots and for those planning to hit up Sin City, we’ve got the perfect guide taking you through the top 10 things to do in Las Vegas, without wasting any precious time.

1. Eat Up Kids

Bacchanal Buffet

With so much to do and so little time you’ve got to fuel up, fast. We recommend hitting up the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace to stuff your face with as much bacon, eggs, pancakes etc. as you can fit and you’ll be ready to roll … literally.

Buffet spread at Caesars Palace

2. Shop ’till Ya Drop

The Grand Canal Shops

Squeeze in some shopping on the strip at the Venetian-inspired Grand Canal Shops and take a quick gondola ride around the mall for an all round experience in quick time.

Image of Grand Canal Shops

3. Midday Munchies

Wolfgang Puck’s

If you’re in the mood for a sick American feed in a stylish setting then Wolfgang Puck’s Spago at the Bellagio is for you. Grab yourself one of their famous grilled prime beef burgers and you’ll be thankful.


4. Get Wet

Wet Republic

Walk off the burger bloat on your way to Wet Republic and get ready to party it up at one of the best party destinations Vegas has to offer. Spend the arvo listening to the best DJs in over 6000 sq ft of saltwater pool.

P.s. If you plan on making the full 24hrs without calling it quits then don’t drink too many Bud Lights … momma ain’t raise no quitters.


5. Mexican Re-fuel

Tacos El Gordo

First things first, before charging it hard for the rest of the night, re-fuel and eat with something substantial and no, we don’t mean a quick feed of chicken waffles (although still delicious).

Vegas is known for its luxe Michelin starred restaurants like Gordon Ramsey Steak and La Cirque but with a tight schedule comes the need for a fast feed. Don’t go past Tacos El Gordo known for their authentic Tijuana tacos with 4 locations spread over Vegas.


6. Drink Up

Fat Tuesday

Once you’ve eaten your weight in tacos you can wash it down with a classic Vegas style bevie, a Fat Tuesday, and choose from an abundance of flavours, all alcoholic of course. For the best option we recommend the biggest Fat Tuesday and preferably with a strap for convenience.


7. Typical Tourist Attraction

Bellagio Fountains

Wander down to the Bellagio fountains with your obnoxiously large alcohol slushy and get yourself in position for a quick fountain show outside one of the most iconic Vegas hotels among iconic buildings and monuments.

8. Cheeky Slap


It would be rude not to have a cheeky slap on the slots and there’s no shortage of machines around Vegas. Take your pick of where you’d like to perch for a while. We suggest if you’re coming from fountains to head to the Cosmopolitan hotel.

The best part about Vegas is as long as you’re gambling the drinks are free.


9. Get Loose


Make your way with your winnings to Omnia, home of the World Famous Chandelier and home to some of the best DJs in the world. Get a taste of that fine clubbing life with good tunes and have your final sips on probably the most expensive vodkas. Worth it though …


10. Hangover feed

Egg Slut

What better way to finish off a 24hr Vegas marathon then with the best hangover feed known to man. The lines may be big for this girl but definitely worth the wait.


SearchParty Tips:

From street performers to straight up crazies, walking through the centre strip of Vegas we assure that you’ll get to witness it all. Our best advice is not to take pictures with the people in costumes or you’ll be stitched up with paying a big tip afterwards.

The End.

And there you have it, your official SearchParty guide to smashing Las Vegas in 24hrs without wasting any time on touristy fluff.

If you are planning a trip to Sin City anytime soon, don’t get swept up in the city of lights and end up losing your mates. Download SearchParty before heading in and keep on top of the whereabouts of your Vegas crew. That is if they want to be found …


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