Ahh primary school, gone are the golden days when the biggest stress you had was keeping your Tamagotchi alive or beating your arch nemesis in a handball tournament. Back when sitting in a van with a stuffed giraffe talking about drugs wasn’t creepy …

We know you miss it and that’s why we’ve created a throwback to the Aussie tuckshop treats and snacks from your childhood – prepare yourself for that tantalising feeling you’d get opening your lunch box to a killer Devon and tomato sauce sandwich and some of the best snacks imaginable.

1. Chicken J.J.’s

There was no better feeling than your parents coming back from Woolies with a giant pack of chicken JJ’s to start off the school week with a bang.

2. Potato Smiles

Ahh McCain, we miss your crunchy potato goodness and don’t even try to say potato gems are better.

3. Pizza Pockets

These cheesy, tomato pizza pockets were the main cause of burnt taste buds and scolding cheese burns nationwide. Worth it though.

4. Burger Man

Every school disco had ’em but they never actually tasted like burgers.

5. Munchables

Source: woolworths.com

You knew you were a real baddie when you smashed the cheese, ham, biscuits and M&M’s all at once.

6. LCMs

The Aussie wide lunchbox staple. If you picked the chocolate bits first and then ate the bar, you weren’t doing it right.

7. Vanilla Dixie Cups

Source: marulangeneralstore

The pleb ice cream cups that always tasted a little like wood because of the stick/spoon it came with.

8. Paddle Pops

Source: www.ellaslist.com

When the only reason you’d buy a Paddle Pop at the tuckshop was just to enter the Lick-A-Prize comps but the only thing you’d win was another free Paddle Pop. Or that heartbreaking moment you found out that rainbow was actually just caramel with food colouring …

9. Starburst Jelly Beans

Source: influenster.com

The day these lollies were discontinued was a tragic day for all Aussie kids. To be honest, it still is. Nothing will ever compare to these flavoursome beans.

10. Sour Skittles

Source: candywarehouse

Throwing it back to the days when you’d dare someone to eat a whole mouthful and watch as they’d acid burn their mouths … those were the days.

11. GoGurts

They might have been warm by the time lunch rolled around, but they were still freakin’ delicious.

12. Roll Ups

Source: www.news.com

A rare find in the lunch box for most kids, but when mum came home with a pack of Roll Ups you just knew it was going to be a good week.

13. Fairy Bread

The ultimate party food seen at any 00’s kid’s birthday and it never tasted the same at home.

14. Cheese

You could tell a lot about a kid’s personality based on the kind of cheese they had in their lunch box.

Kraft cheese sticks

Source: pintrest.com

The Try Hard

Stringers Cheese Sticks

The Cool Kids

Baby Bell

Source: dairyfoods.com

The Horse Girls

15. YoGo Mix

Source: lionco.com

An Aussie delicacy and if you had one of these in the fridge for after dinner, you were winning at life.

16. Snackabouts

Never trust a kid who liked the peanut butter Snackabouts. Vegemite or GTFO …

17. M&M’s Biscuits

Source: pinterest.com

Essentially a Snickers bar with M&Ms. How these got passed as a school snack is beyond us, but they were the best sugar rush you could get.

18. Twisties ZigZags

Pretty sure no one actually liked Twisties Zig Zags but everyone had them for a short time.

19. Hundreds & Thousands

Hands down the best biscuits and if you snagged a couple of these bad boys in your lunch box, you just knew everything was gonna be alright.

20. Jelly Cups

0% nutrition, 100% happiness, especially at school discos when it came with a Freddo Frog jammed in it.

21. Nutella Cups

Source: cgmfoods.com

The holy grail of school snacks, and you’d be lying if you didn’t lick it clean.

22. Slush Puppies

The day Slush Puppies went from 70c to $1 was a travesty for kids all around, especially when you knew you couldn’t afford the 20c sour shocker anymore.

23. Strawberry Clouds

The only exciting thing about school carnivals was knowing you’d be able to spend all your pocket money on a bag of 50c lollies.

24. Wizz Fizz

The O.G. gateway sugar rush along with Fads and other questionable choices of children’s candy.

25. Wendy’s Ice Cream

Source: wendysmilkbar.com

Or that rare occasion when you’d go to the shops with your parents and beg them for one of these bad boys.

Comment below with any throwback snacks that you think we’ve missed from your childhood.


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