Here’s The Best Holiday Destinations That Beat Going Back to Bali.

A Summer Holiday That Isn’t In Bali… Shocked and Confused.

When the summer sun starts gleaming and the holiday dreaming kicks in the first instinct is to get on Sky Scanner and start searching for cheap flights the Indonesia. However, we’ve decided to change it up and give you the best holiday destinations for 2019/20 that beat hitting up Bali for the 3rd year in a row.

1. Tokyo, Japan

For the perfect holiday that’s full of culture, cars and crepes, Japan is calling your name.

Best Holiday Destinations for 2019/2020- Tokyo City

2. Bilbao, Spain

Less Paella and Spanish guitar music and more world-class art museums and modern architecture. Everyone should visit Bilbao once in their lives and experience one of the greatest gems in the Basque Country.

Best Holiday Destinations for 2019/2020- Bilbao, Spain

3. Aruba, Caribbean Islands

For a taste of that island life, we say Aruba! For a dream destination in 2020 with perfect weather, happy locals and the best beaches, Aruba is ready to get you into holiday mode.

Best Holiday Destinations for 2019/2020- Aruba, Caribbean Islands

4. Alberta, Canada

If the summer sun makes you cringe and you’d rather hide out in the cold we’ve got just the place. Head to the snowcapped mountains of Alberta and enjoy the natural beauty and wildlife that it brings.

Best Holiday Destinations for 2019/2020-Alberta, Canada

5. The Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

The Mamanuca Islands of Fiji offer up a picture perfect tropical vacay better than anything you could’ve dreamt up. Think breathtaking beaches with crystal clear water and adventures to be had all day everyday.

Best Holiday Destinations for 2019/2020- Mamanuca Islands

6. Croatia, Dubrovnik

Get amongst the European culture in Dubrovnik with all the limestone streets, ancient city walls, cathedrals and museums. For the foodies you’ve got choices for the finest dining around from Nautika to Restaurant 360°.

Best Holiday Destinations for 2019/2020- Dubrovnik

7. Morocco, North Africa

For the ultimate travel experience Morocco is here to please. A tailor made holiday for adventurers looking for a taste of something different, a cultural trip with a twist of urban design.

Best Holiday Destinations for 2019/2020- Morocco

8. Cancun, Mexico

Hit up the majestic Caribbean beaches and soak up the culture in Cancun for your next Summer holiday. For a cheap package check out the deals from Universal Traveller who are offering flights for a bargain.

Best Holiday Destinations for 2019/2020- Cancun

9. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Be left feeling empowered after a holiday in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh, home of the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon. Get your fill of culture, exotic cuisine and city exploring. For an experience like no other, we recommend moving Vietnam to the top of your holiday bucket list.

Best Holiday Destinations for 2019/2020- Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

10. Honolulu, Hawaii

Aloha! For the final holiday spot we’ve added Hawaii to the list of best destinations for your next vacay. Some call it the Surfers Paradise of America and we love it! For a trip of total relaxation with good scenery, great food and even better night life that feels just like home, Hawaii is the place to be.

Best Holiday Destinations for 2019/2020- Honolulu, Hawaii

TIP: Just remember to slip, slop, slap or you’ll come back from your summer vacay a little less bronzed goddess and more nasty ass lobster.


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