Top 10 Best Restaurants in Melbourne

Melbourne; the home of the food baby and some of the finest restaurants around the globe. But with the ever expanding list of ‘best’ restaurants in Melbourne, it can become overwhelming having to fish out the ones that are actually on point and the ones that just fall short.

So to give you a hand on your quest for the best we are combing out the fakes, to give you a list of the real-deal restaurants in Melbourne, from burger to breakfast and everything in between.


1. For the best breakfast in Melbourne

The Hardware Société

The most important meal of the day… It would be rude to ruin it by eating anything less than perfection and perfection is what you’ll get at The Hardware Société. P.S. For a bite like no other, the famous lobster Benedict will have you screaming.

Lobster Benedict from The Hardware Societe for the best breakfast in Melbourne

2. For the best Spanish in Melbourne

Bomba Bar

Octopus & Chorizo pinchos with potato foam…Scorched Classic Creme de Catalana with PX pears cooked in a rich Pedro Ximinex sherry. No, we’re not listing off the menu from heaven, this is just a lil’ taste of what you’ll get when you step into Bomba Bar for a boozy Spanish lunch. 

Spanish cuisine from Bomba For the best Spanish restaurant in Melbourne

3. For the best Italian in Melbourne

Tipo 00 

If you’re a sucker for a fat pasta, a few wines and a good time, Tipo 00 is your man. This pasta bar specialises in… you guessed it, pasta baby and we’re not talking spag bol here, we’re talking buffalo mozzarella, zucchini flowers & hazelnut tortelloni, squid ink tagliolini, squid & bottarga Taglioli al nero and braised duck, porcini & pecorino pepato Gnocchi di patate.

Cue the drool…

Seafood pasta from Tipo 00 for the best Italian restaurant in Melbourne 

4. For the best Indian in Melbourne

Daughter In Law

Daughter in law is changing up the game with some seriously groundbreaking, unauthentic Indian cuisine. From Nutella-topped to margarita garlic pizza, it’s naan but not as you know it. This Melbourne restaurant is tossing tradition, and serving up cheap, Indian eats that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Indian cuisine from Daughter In Law for the best Indian restaurant Melbourne

5. For the best Greek in Melbourne


Stalactites are serving up a taste of Greece so good you’ll be transported to the real deal. With fresh, quality produce, you’re in for an authentic treat in one of Melbourne’s longest established greek restaurants.

Souvlaki from Stalactites for the best Greek restaurant in Melbourne 

5. For the best Japanese in Melbourne


At Kisume, you choose the experience; with three levels of dining excellence incl. Sushi counter, restaurant, chablis bar, private dining rooms and a chef’s table. No matter which dining option you choose, you’ll never be left disappointed or hungry, for that matter.

Sushi box from Kisume for the best Japanese in Melbourne

6. For the best vegan in Melbourne

Smith & Daughters

At Smith & Daughters you can expect to find top shelf Vegan eats with a no-bullshit dining experience. Chef Shannon Martinez is committed to bringing the world “f*cking delicious food” in plant based style. Pop in for a Saturday brunch of Apple & miso fritters, Breakfast pizzas and Tiramisu, and leave feeling oh so glad you did.

Pasta dish from Smith & Daughters for best vegetarian in Melbourne

7. For the best Mexican in Melbourne

Bodega Underground 

Bodega Underground are serving up Mexican magic no matter the day. So whether you’re in the mood for a speedy midweek pick me up or a long and bottomless, boozy weekend brunch, they’ve got your back. 

Mexican food from Bodega Underground

8. For the best Burgers in Melbourne 


Melbourne, it’s time to throw on the stretchy pants and hunker down on some filthy- fat burgs. When it comes to burgers, these guys don’t mess around and with a motto of “Get Fat” you can understand why they’re the best.

Two burgers from Mary's

9. For the best Vietnamese in Melbourne 


Coda; one of Melbourne’s most iconic Vietnamese restaurants located in one of Melbourne’s most iconic laneways. If you’re after a Vietnamese inspired experience of balanced flavours, seasonality and innovation, Coda will cater.

Vietnamese cuisine from Coda

10. For the best Pan-Asian in Melbourne


Supernormal is covering all bases of extraordinary Asian cuisine in an even more extraordinary setting. Chef Andrew McConnell is serving up modern Pan-asian perfection influenced by Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul and Hong Kong, that can be enjoyed on any occasion.

Lobster rolls from Supernormal

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