Tax-back: That magical time of the year where we get the perfect opportunity to spend it up big on things we definitely don’t need but buy anyway because we can.

Doing wise things with your tax return is unheard of and if you’re struggling with ideas for spending your extra dosh then look no further because we’ve narrowed down 10 of the most obscure and unnecessary ways to flash your cash. From the High-Class Foodies to the Tech Gurus, we’ve got the perfect picks for spending it up big for boujee buyers of all types.

1. The First-Class Ravers

Croatia Sail Week

This one’s for the party pigs looking for a little mid-year getaway. Croatia Sail Week is the perfect trip to get the crew together for a week long binge on copious amounts of alcohol and Mediterranean feasts as far as the eye can see.

Image of Croatia Sail Week.

2. The Fashion Killers

Off-White 2.0 logo-appliqué low-top leather trainers

If you’re a brand wh*re with cash to burn then these new season Off-White trainers are the next pair to add to your collection of fancy ass shoes that are too good to wear out of the house. If you’re heading to Splendour In The Grass next month and you’re looking for a little more inspo then check out our SITG fashion blog. Just be sure not to wear your new kicks or they’ll end up a little worse for wear.

Image of Off White sneakers.

3. The Tea Snobs

Byron Bay Oolong Leaf Tea

Screw the English Breaky Tea and get your hands on this boujee bag. This Oolong leaf tea will become your new arvo go-to, setting you back about $144 a bag …

Image of Byron Bay Oolong Leaf Tea Bag.

4. The Show-Off Alco’s

Dom Perignon

There’s no better way to celebrate getting a little tax-back than to grab yourself an expensive ass bottle of champagne and pretend to ignore the fact that it tastes the same as any other $10 bubbly.

Image of Dom Perignon bottle and box.

5. The Animal Admirers

The Sphynx

Because ugly-cute is the new cute-cute. If you’re in the market for a new pet and a Burmese just won’t suffice then the Sphynx cat is the perfect boujee pet for you.

Image of Sphynx cat.

6. The High-Class Foodies


When you’ve got cash to burn and you’re a lover of fancy fish then you may as well throw down some stacks on a sashimi feast at one of the best authentic Japanese restaurants around.

Image from Kiyomi Restaurant of Sashimi plate.
Source: Urban List

7. The Kitchen B*tches

Kitchen Aid

Whether you’re a cooking genius who belongs on the next season of MasterChef or a hopeless mess that can’t even cook pasta, the Kitchen Aid will become your new little kitchen b*tch, no matter your skill level.

Image of red Kitchen Aid.
Source: London Drugs

8. The Chess Club Nerds

Ralph Lauren Home Sutton chess set

When your average chess set doesn’t cut it get yourself a boujee Ralph Lauren boy. Get the chess club back together with this little baby that’ll only set you back a slim 3k.

Image of Ralph Lauren chess board.

9. The Festival Buffs

Coachella tickets

If you need that international festival fix then get on the waitlist for Coachella 2020 tickets and let your tax-back send you there. Or if you’re not into travelling your next best option could be to buy yourself a ticket toSplendour In The Grass and splash out at the IceBergs Dining Room and Bar.

Image taken from Coachella.

10. The Tech Gurus

Drone: Dji Spark

If the latest tech is what gets you going then this mini drone is the perfect toy for you to get the best non-practical use out of your tax return this year.

Image of Dji Spark Drone and controller.
Source: Best Buy

For those few who are planning on doing something wise and saving your tax-back for adult things like making next week’s rent and filling up with petrol, we salute you.


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