Losing your friends at festivals is a thing of the past

You know the drill: organise your mates, nail-bitingly wait in the greenroom ‘til you nab those sell-out festival tickets, spend months planning how you’re going to hit [insert festival] hard, then finally rock up, lose your friends at the first set and spend the next three hours blindly trying to find them in a sea of people.

Or you organise a meet-up point when everyone’s still sober, only to spend hours hopelessly sending failed messages when your friends are too messed up to navigate their way back to that spot.

This is where SearchParty comes in to save the day. Free to download on the App Store next week, SearchParty gives you more festival for less stress – no more time wasted trying to find your friends, wandering aimlessly or waiting pointlessly at the end of the night for Jonno to rock up to your meet-up point.

With SearchParty, the festival experience starts way before you arrive. SearchParty lets you create a ‘Party’ where you can invite your mates, chat even before the event, meet up and find your friends at any point with live GPS tracking, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your friends at a festival again.

We even built in an Alert button that messages every member of your Party if you need help. So if you find yourself feeling unsafe (hey, creepy guy following us back to our tent ????) or too messed up to get back to your meet-up point, the Alert button sends an instant emergency message to your friends while the app pinpoints your location so they can come and find you.

SearchParty is the brainchild of founder Jessy Mulholland, also known as DJ/Producer SVLT who combined his music industry experience with brother/Co Founder Jade’s dev skills to create this new release.

The app will be launching next week for iOS, so get ready and buckle up boys, SearchParty is coming.

If you’re heading to Circus Paradise this Sunday be sure to keep an eye out for the SearchParty team, we’ve got a little surprise for ya! If you’re yet to get tickets don’t stress: it’s not too late, there’s still a few left but you’ll want to be quick because they’re almost gone!

SearchParty officially drops next Monday 11 March – join the Party!

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