Cheap Gift Ideas for Guys

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If you’re reading this then you’ve probably come to the realisation that Christmas is three weeks away and you’re slowly running out of gift ideas and funds … Correct? We’ll don’t cry defeat just yet because we’ve compiled a list of the best budget gifts with our gift guide for guys that you won’t find anywhere else … probably.

Whether it’s for your dad or your dog this gift guide for guys will have you sorted just in time for Chrissy.

The office christmas gif

1. Dad

Daggy dad: Give your dorky dad a gift worth giving with a set of coasters to remind him, you do you boo.

Dorky dad gift idea
$24.95 Daggy Dad Coaster Set

Lazy dad: For the dad who can’t be assed with cooking, this automatic pan stirrer might be the push he needs.

lazy dad gift idea- automatic pan stirrer
$36.51 Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

2. Brother

Gamer: Give your bro a little hint to get out of the house more with a bottle opener suited to his gaming addiction.

gift idea for gamer brother- bottle opener
$14.95 Beer Boy Bottle Opener

Ladies man: For the brother that needs a break from sliding in those DM’s.

phone jail for brother
$29.95 Phone Jail

3. Boyfriend

Indecisive eater: Saving couples from hangry arguments one tab at a time.

gift idea for picky eater boyfriend
$17.99 What Can I Eat Today? Activity Box

Christmas with the in-laws: For when your parents aren’t a fan of the poor boy and it’s your year for hosting Christmas lunch.

gift idea for surviving the in-laws survival kit
$37.46 Time With The In-Laws Survival Kit

4. Dog

Destructor Dog: For the destroyer of all things great here’s the babushka doll for reckless doggos.

dog toy cactus gift
$10 Consuela The Cactus

Restless: When bath time is impossible this slow treater will work a treat for any pup.

slow treater dog toy
$16 Uncommon Goods Slow Treater

5. Grandad

Digitally up to date: If you’ve got a tech-savvy grandad who loves a good book then spoil him this year with a kindle, way cheaper than an iPad.

gift idea- kimble
$169.00 Paperwhite eReader

Old School: If he’s still kicking it old school then you can’t beat the feel of real paper.

gift idea gift card for books
$50 Booktopia Gift Certificate

6. Best-friend

Big night out: The perfect gift for that mate that’s always hitting the slopes a little too hard and needs a good rest night.

funny mock bath salts
$19.95 Funny Epsom Bath Salt

Bacon Bandit: That mate that’s always fiending a bit of cheeky bacon will froth this scented candle.

bacon scented candle gift
$34.95 Bacon Scented Candle

7. Father In-law

Man of the haus: If it’s not broke still try to fix it… A gift for the dad in-law that loves a good reno on the run.

gentlemen's hardware wrench tool
$37.46 Gentlemen’s Hardware Wrench Multi Tool

Dad jokes: Make any jokes-ter dad in-law a proud one with a tacky tee.

cheesy tee shirt
$22.84 Nacho Average Father-In-Law Tee

8. Acquaintance

Funny: A hint for your associate to back off…

arthur mock mug
$19.95 Arthur Coffee Mug

Sensible: For something less confrontational go for a personalised note book.

personalised note book
$19.99 A5 Buffalo Journal

9. Teacher

Fave school teacher: Something special for the PE teacher.

PE teacher gift
$19.95 F*ckin’ Cheerin’ Coffee Mug

Geography Teacher: The real reason Aussies read a compass.

teacher gift never eat soggy weetbix mug
$19.95 Never Eat Soggy Weetbix Coffee Mug

10. Boss

Festive Boss: For the boss who loves a cheeky knock off drink before knock off drinks.

giftmas alcohol baubles
$29.57 Festive Boozeballs

Stressed boss: And for the boss who’s always stressing about something, this zen garden should help relieve them in the office … Or not.

Gift Guide sand box
$24.99 Zen Garden Mini Sand Gift

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