The Best Christmas Presents For Girls


If you’re stuck on Christmas gift ideas to spoil your loved ones this year don’t sweat it. SearchParty is bringing you the goods this Christmas with gift ideas for girls, from your nan to your bestie and any other woman in your life that needs a good gifting.

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Gifts For Girls

1. Acquaintance Approved

The universally accepted present for any and all female acquaintances is a Tahaa Glasshouse Candle. Perfect for that work friend who’s not really your friend outside of work but it’s only polite that you buy them something.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls glasshouse candle

2. Secret Santa

If you’re buying blind try to stick with something funny. Get your hands on one of the many mugs at Grey Lines catering for all. Perfect for teachers, bosses and neighbours.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls grey lines mug

3. Shit Cook

Who doesn’t love a little Gordon Ramsay banter from time to time? Get this Gordon Ramsay Coaster Set for the sh*t cook of the group to remind them that their cooking is pure trash.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls Gordon Ramsay coaster set


And for the bitch of the group, send a not so subtle hint…

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls don't be a prick phone case

4. GoT Fanatics

Here’s something for all the female GoT fans, because everyone has at least one in their circle.

For nan: Get nan back in the kitchen with the Game of Scones Cookbook.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls game of scones cookbook

For the bogan aunt: For the aunt that loves a good whisky and dart on Christmas arvo, this Jonnie Walker collab is the best gift you could give.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls Jonnie walker whisky collaboration

For the sibling: For the lover of a good dippy egg go ahead and serve it up on the Iron Throne.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls egg cups

For the entire family: A perfect gift for the whole family. This GoT Monopoly set will be enjoyed by all… For a total of 20 minutes before someone cracks the shits.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls game of thrones monopoly

5. Typical Mum Gift

Practical: Go budget with Big W or if you don’t want to skimp this year get her some quality comfort with the Personalised Nightgown from Peter Alexander.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls peter alexander gown

Beauty Kween: Head straight to Adore Beauty AKA beauty junkie heaven to have mum looking a million bucks. Our top picks for the year are the Keihls Holiday Ultra Facial Cream and the Olaplex Take Home Kit.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls adore beauty gifs

6. Wine Over Work

If she’s more of a wine o’clock gal then try your luck with a novelty gift idea that blatantly implies she’s a borderline alcoholic.

Business woman: For the working woman that loves a cheeky wine or 5 at knock off drinks this before and after 5 drinking glass is the perfect gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls novelty drinking cup

Indecisive drinker: For the mate that takes forever on deciding what they’re going to drink for the night this drinking book will do the trick.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls novelty drinking book

Stay at home mum: For a gin lovin’ mum with a lot of spare time on their hands this handcrafted gin kit will keep them busy.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls gin making kit

7. Girlfriend Gift

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls girlfriend gifts

The girlfriend gift, one of the most dangerous tasks one must face around Christmas time. Here’s some gift ideas to give you a helping hand.

Baller budget: If you’ve got a baller budget then you simply can’t go wrong with a cheeky gift from Tiffany & Co.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls tiffany and co earrings

Brutally broke: Or if your bank account is screaming at the thought then get her something dirty… like a coffee scrub from Frank Body.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls frank body scrub

Break-even: For the in-between budget gift that’s sure to please, try one of the handcrafted pieces from Melbourne made HLSK.

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls hlsk ring


And the best friend gift comes a close second…

Festival fiend: For your bestie who loves a good festie but wears the same old bum bag to every damn festival, spoil her with a newbie from the new Status Anxiety range.

 bum bag status anxiety

Big night out: For that one mate that’s always wasting their money on a nasty hangover feed the morning after. The Hungoevr Recipe Cook Book is the perfect alternative to ingesting copious amounts of Zinger meals on a Sunday morn.

novelty hangover cookbook

9. Foolproof

When it comes to getting a safe gift, gift cards will be your saviour…

foolproof presents

Foodies: Justin Lane venue voucher is a win:win.

Sporty spice: Cotton On BodyE-gift card will suffice.

IDK? When in doubt, always go for the Kmart gift card.

10. Last Minute

Ideas for girls champagne

Picture this: It’s Christmas Eve and you’ve come to the sudden realisation that you’ve forgotten to get [insert name] a gift…

Never fear, that’s why Dan Murphy’s is here. If you ever find yourself in this predicament just head to your nearest bottle-O, grab a bottle of something bubbly, slap a ribbon on it and you’ll be in the clear.

Need a good Christmas playlist to get you into the festive mood this year? Take a listen to our Xmas mixtape giving you all the Christmas bangers.

If you’re feeling down in the dumps about spending all of your hard earned cash on gifts and need a little pick-me-up we’ve got you. Just head to our Instagram or Facebook to enter one of our daily Giftmas giveaways. We’re giving away a special Christmas prize everyday until the 12th December!

Phew. Now that the present stress is over go and put that focus elsewhere like what the hell are you doing for NYE …

Christmas Gift Ideas for girls fireworks gif

Merry Christmas,



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