Coachella: the place for high-end fashion, massive headliners and that ferris wheel in the back of every picture. Each year it’s always the same thing. However, there’s plenty that you don’t see and probably wouldn’t unless you experience it for yourself. So we’ve decided to spill the beans on the sh*t you don’t hear about Coachella. Let’s get real…

Heat wave:

As soon as the sun hits your tent at 7am any outfit and makeup plans you may have will go right out the window. Don’t let those influencers with their curled hair and perfect eyeliner flicks fool you. In 40 degree heat the last thing you want is hair on your neck or makeup on your face #ponytail life.

Unexpected friendships:

American drinking games and homemade burgers, we hit the jackpot when it came to our neighbours. Little did we know these guys would end up coming to Vegas, post-Chella, and be one of the highlights of the whole experience. Moral of the story, be kind to your neighbours.

Bike rides in the dark:

Short legs and far walks mean paying for bike rides back to the festival after a few too many Watermelon-ritas. Just be sure to bargain with them to get the price down a little or you’ll feel a little ripped off.

Lost phones:

Speaking from experience, losing your phone in another country is terrifying, especially when it contains your ID and travel cards. Be mindful of your belongings when you’re on a drunken rampage to make it to the front of the mosh.

Drinking games:

American drinking games are almost as fun as Australian ones. Instead of Goon of Fortune you get ‘Slap the Bag’ which is literally slapping a bag of wine and sculling it on the ground. Rage Cage, basically a backwards and confusing game of beer pong, will have you feeling pretty ‘sauced’ after just two rounds.

Lack of showers:

The shower lines go from 0 to 100 real quick and once they open the blocks in the morning it’s a game of chance. If you force yourself to get up early enough you might be able to beat the rush of hungover people who are still asleep/passed out.

$8 iced coffees:

Unless you want to pay $8 for a coffee from the general store then get yourself some instant coffee or Red Bull before the festival. Or hack the system and get free samples until you’ve consumed a full sized coffee.

Other findings:

  • Pictures make the festival seem bigger than what it really is
  • Getting a picture with the ferris wheel is not as easy as it looks

Exhibit A:

(the lighting sucks)
  • If you don’t have a face scarf, be prepared for a nose bleed
  • The C word was tried and tested with our US mates, and definitely frowned upon
  • Prepare for the most expensive food prices
  • They be making the drinks strong in the Heineken tent
  • VIP is not worth the money
  • Pulling out your Aussie accent works a treat
  • The grilled cheese from Cheesus and frozen lemonade Minute Maid is a must
  • Save yourself hours of lining up by ordering your merch online

And there you have it, an insider scoop on all things Coachella that you don’t get to witness on social media.


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