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Sustainable and eco-friendly living seems to be the biggest trend we’re seeing right now. From saving turtles with metal straws to buying clothes made from hemp. Everyone is having a go at saving the planet in their own way and we are here for that.

However, for those who aren’t exactly sure what steps they can take towards making more sustainable choices, we asked special guest blogger Sarah Tonin here to share her eco living tips and how she plays her part in taking care of the environment.

“There is no planet B, and that’s why I choose to live eco friendly in every aspect of my life, from the cute clothes I wear to the mermaid lattes I drink” – Sarah

1. Do you recycle and if so where do you do it?

Duh, of course I do. I always collect my kombucha cans and at the end of each month I take them to the nearest container refund point and get this, I get money back so I can buy even more kombucha!

2. How do you know which brands are actually ethical?

I use an app! It can be hard to know which brands are actually enviro-friendly so whenever I’m unsure about a brand’s ethical status I check their rating on my go-to app Good On You.

You’d be so surprised at how many of your fave brands are actually using all the nasties you don’t want, and that’s why I only shop from ethical brands or buy from op shops.

3. What are your go-to eco brands?

A few of my top eco brands are mostly based in Queensland which totally reduces the emissions from delivery #winning.

  1. Isabelle Quinn: This GC based babe creates the cutest pieces and she does it all with the main focus on creating a sustainable, zero-waste business.
  2. Oakie The Label: The cutest cruelty free clothes made from cotton, hemp and other sustainable fibres
  3. As you’ll see in my latest Vlog my fave swimwear brand is Zazi Swim, who use fabrics sourced from the sea, how cute is that! #savetheturtles
  4. Seed & Sprout: These guys are saying see ya to plastic and I’m down for that. Do yourself and the earth a favour and grab some stretch lids and metal straws and the best part, they do Afterpay!

4. Where do you do most of your grocery shopping?

Well, to reduce my harm on the environment and help farmers in need I avoid shopping at big corporations that are only in it for the big bucks. So I shop at the local farmers markets every Sunday for all my fruit and veggies with my cute eco friendly farmers market bags.

5. Is your skincare routine also eco friendly?

Uhh, is that even a question, of course it is. I love myself just as much as I love Mother Nature so obviously I’m only going to be using products that benefit both us queens.

6. What are your go-to skin care brands?

I have a comprehensive skincare routine with many different products that are all Australian made but my main go-to brands are:

  1. Sukin for my moisturising routine,
  2. Aesop for my silky smooth bod,
  3. I use Lush shampoo bars to keep my wig hair luscious without killing the planet with plastic, and
  4. For my glowing tan I use Eco Tan which is totally vegan, cruelty-free and gluten free.

Sarah’s Top Eco-Friendly Beauty Tip:

Whenever I’m super stressed out from my modelling gigs and in dire need a good pamper sesh, I head to The Bathhouse in Burleigh for a luxe soak and some bubbles.

7. Where are your favourite Gold Coast cafes?

You’d be super surprised at how many places on the Gold Coast cater for part-time vegans just like me! When I’m not fasting, my fave cafe hot spots would have to be:

1.The Milkman’s Daughter for their killer mermaid latte and tofu scramble.

Image of Beetroot latte, Turmeric latte and Mermaid latte from the Milkman's Daughter.
Source: @themilkmansdaughter_

2.The Cardamom Pod for their stunning ocean bowls.

Image of Mermaid Oceanbowl from Caramompod.
Source: @cardamompod

3.Greenhouse Canteen & Bar do the best plant-based meals totally guilt-free so there’s room for some raw treats afterwards.

Image of 3 cocktails and food from the Greenhouse Canteen and Bar.
Source: @greenhouse_canteen

“And there you have it, my top tips to saving the world and staying amazing while I do it”.

“P.S. Don’t forget to check out my latest Vlog where I talk more about my eco-living tips, XOXO” – Sarah.


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