This Ain’t Another Teenage Movie

It’s almost time for uni to start back, and for the newbies that are fresh out of high school to begin their so-called rite of passage into adulthood. Except this isn’t an American teenage movie and instead of frat parties, cute outfits and cool lecturers, it’s caffeine addictions, sweatpants and tears … lots of tears. Once the O-Week hype is over it’s goodbye parties and hello assignments, exams and reading lists. And it’s going to continue for the next three to four years. But don’t back out just yet because it gets better once you settle in and find your tribe.

From the Party Pigs to the Silent Ones there’s a tribe out there for everyone. While your uni days are all about ‘finding yourself’ and ‘embracing your uniqueness’, we guarantee you’ll find these 7 tribes at any uni. Because when everyone’s trying to be ‘different’, the reality is we’re all the same. And chances are you know these guys already:

1. The Teachers’ Pets

The super high achievers, the ones who pre-read the textbooks three weeks in advance and come to class with printed readings and study notes. They’re always sitting up the front of every class and won’t accept anything lower than a HD.

2. The Bludgers

Extremely good at procrastinating and making great excuses to get out of class. You know the ones – they never show up to class but you seem to get stuck with them in every group project and somehow they get the same participation marks. They’ll ask to see your notes each class and roll in at least 15 minutes late but seem to always have a fresh coffee in hand.

3. The Party Pigs

The Party Pigs are the ones who usually live on campus and rock up to class with a good story, a hangover and a Red Bull. They’re always up for a good time even during exam block but somehow always get good grades without even needing to study.

4. The Clueless Ones

Usually high maintenance, they come to class with a different designer bag and a fresh blow-wave every week. They spend more time organising their Kikki-K stationery than they do listening to the lectures and then ask a million questions after because they have no idea what is going on and how they even got here.

5. The Couples

Always together between classes, you’ll usually find them in the library holding hands and being overly affectionate. They’ll hardly do anything outside of uni with people who aren’t also in a relationship and will always leave a party before 9pm.

6. The Silent Ones

Hard to remember what they look like because they don’t attend any lectures that aren’t compulsory, will never answer any questions or participate in club activities, and find it extremely difficult to do any public speaking.

7. The Show Offs

The loud ones who try to answer every question in class and act like they know what they’re talking about when in reality have no clue what they’re talking about. Great at bullshitting their way through essays, and in group work will always take over to re-write another person’s part of the assignment.

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