World Oceans Day, the day to repay the ocean for all its hard work by getting together with family, friends and the community to create a better future and protect the seas for generations to come.

It’s critical that we look after our oceans the same way that they look after us. Without our oceans we wouldn’t survive, they clean the water we drink, feed us and even regulate our climate, among plenty of other things.

The damage

For those unaware of the harm humans have on the ocean check out ‘A Plastic Ocean’ on Netflix, and you’ll understand the irrefutable damage being done by plastic pollution and why doing your little bit for the ocean is extremely important.

Image of seal choking on plastic bag with the words 'The plastic you use once, tortures the oceans forever'
Source: Sea Shepherd

What you can do

Reducing plastic and waste is the first step you can take on your journey to helping the environment. In 2017 8.3 billion plastic straws were found polluting the world’s coastlines so the use of metal straws is encouraged. If you commit to buying less or buy from op shops you can greatly reduce the amount of clothes that end up as un-recycled landfill. These small yet impactful changes can help the environment in a huge way. For some more tips on eco-friendly living check out our guest written blog from Sarah Tonin that goes into sustainable changes she makes to help out the environment.

If you’re feeling inspired and keen to get involved then you’re in luck because there are plenty of events happening in the area this weekend.

What’s happening near you

There’s plenty of clean up events and conferences around the Gold Coast this weekend, from BeachCare’s clean up in Currumbin to the Beach Clean for the Whales at the Spit. One hour of your time can have years of positive, long-term effects on the environment. For something more fun you can head to Sea World on Sunday for education talks and activities focused on plastic pollution prevention and healthy oceans.

Don’t just participate for the day, taking care of the oceans should be a full time gig and that’s why we recommend following the Take 3 For The Sea movement that works on encouraging you to take 3 pieces of rubbish whenever you’re out and about.



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