The Countdown for Laneway is on!

With St Jerome’s Laneway Festival fast approaching it’s time to get your essentials sorted so you can make the most of it without any unwanted hiccups or throw ups. Before you hit the road, make sure you’ve covered these basic but very important questions.

How you’re getting there?

The cheapest option would be to carpool, but if you do, don’t be an idiot – plan a designated driver. Another option is to take the bus. There are plenty of cheap event-organised buses going to multiple locations in the area, leaving you with plenty of money for drinks (because we all know they don’t miss you).

Or if you’re feeling boujee the most expensive option is going to be an Uber, but depending on the surge it might cost you more to get there than the ticket price.

Where you’re staying?

Since Laneway is held in or close by major cities, finding a place to stay is easy. And if you aren’t fussy and don’t care what it actually looks like, it can be cheap too. If you’re staying with a big group, avoid booking an apartment or you’ll run the risk of getting evicted because of the idiots ‘yahooing’ off of the balcony at three in the morning. If this sounds like a possibility, look into getting an Airbnb where there is no security and plenty of space for pre’s and other activities.

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What you’re wearing?

What you’re going to wear to Laneway is almost, if not more important, than the lineup itself. Finding a festival outfit can be frustrating these days, especially when you want to be trendy without looking like you’re on the women’s cycling team.

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If you’re hunting a fresh new outfit Universal Store has a festival edit that isn’t outdated and tacky, or if you’re on a tight budget just borrow something from that friend who seems to own everything (we love this friend btw).



Who you’re seeing?

Lineup clashes are inevitable and always put a massive strain on your festival experience. You start the day determined to see everyone but end up missing the best parts of each set because you’re running from one tent to another. To avoid this vicious cycle, we’ve got a few tips to help you decide who to see based on the kind of festival experience you’re after. For the chilled out vibe with minimal moshing be sure to check out Courtney Barnett, KIAN, Gang of Youths and Methyl Ethel. However, if you live for getting deep into the mosh on some random’s shoulders you won’t want to miss out on Baker Boy, What So Not and Skeggs, they will be sure to satisfy your needs.

To keep your set list organised download the official Laneway app where you can create a customised schedule with alerts so you don’t miss your favourite acts.


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