Ahh, the dreaded hangover. One of the worst self-inflicted pains that gets repeated for years on end.

“I’m never drinking again.” A statement most commonly made by those waking up at midday from an alcohol induced coma suffering from a throbbing headache, a dry mouth and foul reek of regret and tequila.

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We’ve all had our fair share of getting slapped beyond repair and giving our livers a workout they definitely don’t need. However the worst part is hangovers get worse with age, meaning a good hangover recovery guide is vital.

So if you’re planning on sending it this weekend and you’ve got a 9-5 to go on Monday, don’t start drinking until you’ve gone over our top 10 hangover prep and recovery tips, tried and tested by yours truly.

The Day Of: 

1. Eat Carbs Before Slapping The Bottle

The most obvious but commonly missed step when preparing for a night out. Lining the stomach BEFORE smashing the Jäger bombs is way more important than digging into the late night/early morning kebab on the way home.

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2. Drink Water

It’s funny how drinking two litres of water seems absurd but downing 10 vodka lime sodas is an easy feat, but trust us you’re going to want to hydrate. The most common reason for feeling like a dried out sponge the next day is literally from your body being a dried out sponge.

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The Morning After: 

3. Dirty Bird For Breakfast

The universal cure to any filthy hangover. Smash some KFC to soak up the shame and overly high blood alc level.

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4. Ginger Shots

It’s called balance, sweetie. Get a ginger shot in you to balance out the vodka shots from the night before and you’ll be on that road to recovery in no time.

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5. Long Blacks

A coffee always seems like a good idea until you realise that milk doesn’t sit well on a weak stomach. A long black is perfect for that caffeine hit that won’t turn on you.

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6. Sleep In

If you plan on going to work on Monday with at least some brain functionality your body needs to rest to make up for the lost hours. Our advice is to resist that Sunday morning urge to get up when you’re probably still drunk but think you’re doing better than you are.

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7. Emergency Snacks

Eating a crunchy salty snack has been proven to reduce the feeling of nausea. If for some reason you need to leave the house after a big night, don’t go anywhere without a zip lock bag of emergency pretzels for when that hangover wave hits. 

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8. Survival Packs

When you’re hungover your body is deprived of the good stuff, so our best tip for you is to make yourself a hangover survival pack with vitamins and Hydralyte before you go out so when you wake up the next day feeling worse for wear you won’t have to go very far to replenish the lost serotonin.

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The Week After:

9. Fuel Your Body

To be able to back it up next weekend you’ll need to cut the KFC and eat some greens and fit in exercise. Not only does it help with replacing the lost serotonin with endorphins but it’ll also help to push the rest of the toxins from your body to keep charging it week after week.

10. Hair of the Dog

However we understand that not all hangovers can be cured and sometimes there’s only one other option. So if all else fails and your hangover just won’t budge, well, you know what they say…

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