Don’t let the stress of packing or flying get in the way of enjoying your Coachella experience. We’ve got the ultimate essentials lists that’ll have you packing, flying and camping like a ‘first class’ veteran.

The Flight Essentials:

Unless you’re a trust fund baby we expect that you’ll be flying economy, and we all know it’s not the most luxurious experience. To help we’ve created a checklist of items to take on board that’ll make you forget about being squashed in a 45cm seat for the next 14+ hours. We just hope for your sake it’s not next to a crying kid or someone who probably should’ve booked two seats.

  1. Face mask: So you don’t step off looking like you’ve aged 25 years
  2. Toothbrush: For a mid flight clean, ya nasty
  3. Neck pillow: When you ‘try’ to get some sleep
  4. Empty water bottle: So you don’t have to keep asking for the crappy paper cup of water
  5. Travel socks: To avoid losing circulation from being crammed into that 45cm seat
  6. Face wipes: For wiping the look of despair off your face when you realise it’s only been 5 hours
  7. Snacks: When you’re too ashamed to ask the flight attendant for another bag of roasted chickpeas
  8. Headphones/earphones: To block out any crying children or snoring neighbours

Now that the in-flight packing is done, you’ll be needing those camping hacks.

Camping Tips & Tricks

Pack lightly and with precision:

The last thing you want is a suitcase full to the brim of clothes you’re never going to wear. To avoid digging around like a dog in the sand when you can’t find that top you ‘swear you packed’, pre-plan what you’ll be wearing and pack it in order of outfits / days.

Home sweet home:

Your campsite is going to be your home for the next four days, so make it feel that way. Make it cosy with your favourite pillows and even put up a few fairy lights for decoration. If you’re keen on hitting the ultimate comfort level, Aldi are selling sleeping bag onesies for around $50.


Hygiene and hair-do hacks:

Camping at a music festival is dead-set rank, and becomes especially hard for those Insta gals who don’t actually ‘wake up like this’ and need a full 2-3 hours of hair and makeup before they step foot out the door.

  1. Wear your best hair style on the first day and start slicking it back each day as the grime starts to build. Tip: Braids or space buns are key.
  2. Face wipes can be used for more than your face. There’s no need for a shower everyday when you can use a few of these bad boys under the pits.
  3. Shower shoes are essential when you’re camping. You never know what you could contract over a weekend festival.

For more camping essentials check out our blog on more ways to survive the festival season without needing a tetanus shot and a full body disinfectant when you get home.



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