Undesired bodily fluids, ringing ears, muddy everything and comedowns to the extremes. Sounds like a hot date with a multi-day festival.

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If you think one day is intense then buckle up. Surviving a multi-day festival is a big feat, even for the most experienced bender-ers. However it can also be the most fun imaginable if you do it right.

With Splendour In The Grass right around the corner (aka, next week!!) the festival planning should be well underway. And, if you’ve ever been to a festival during winter then you’d understand the struggles of freezing your ass off.

You should already have the basics down pat – who you’re going with, where you’re staying, what you’re wearing – and now all that’s left is how the hell you’re going to bender on for 4 days straight in the middle of winter without getting hyperthermia and damaging your serotonin levels beyond repair.

Never fear festival fiends because we’ve got you covered with our 10 Tips to Nailing a Multi-Day Festival without losing your friends, your minds or your dignity by ending the weekend wrapped in foil in the back of an ambo.

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1. Preparation is key

With great fun comes great responsibility, and organisation is key if you plan on making it out alive. Make sure you pack all of the essentials before going into the festival so you aren’t stuck forking out the big bucks at the merch tent come sundown.

2. Layering up

No one is saying dress like a nun, just pack some layers so you can cover up those ass-less chaps when the ground gets a little chilly. Pack the layers and pop them into a locker at the beginning of the weekend and when you feel like you’re about to cut glass head back and cover up those stiff nips.

3. Shower fast

Quick one’s a good one, especially when it’s in a dirty ass communal shower. Get yourself prepared for a speedy rinse and dry before you end up exposing yourself to hyperthermia or some nasty fungal infection … ew.

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4. Drink smart

Myth Busted: Drinking more does not make you warmer. In fact it actually makes you lose heat faster, impairs your judgement and causes you to make bad choices like making a sex tape or eating way too many carbs … If you’re trying to warm up, ditch the booze and suss out the hot choccy van.

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5. Stock up on HotHands

If the hot choc doesn’t do the job, then pack yourself some HotHands. These bad boys will be your besties at any winter festival so make sure you load up to keep your hands warm all night long.

6. SearchParty

This one’s a given. For nailing a multi-day festival without losing your mates, download SearchParty before planning anything else. Create a Splendour In The Grass Party with your crew and you won’t have to spend the whole weekend sticking together or having to worry about dropping off from the pack when you need a quick taccy outside Smirnoff Tent.

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7. Don’t dress to impress

Let this be your festival mantra: “Practicality over Insta pics”

Rug up dickheads, it’s cold and if you think the ‘Gram is worth getting frostbite then it’s your death-wish darl, you have been warned.

Our no-go outfits this year include glitter titties, high-heeled boots, denim undies/shorts, massive rips in jeans and metal chain bras. If you want a little festival fashion inspo for next weekend’s event then check out our DIY Splendour In The Grass Outfit blog. You build your dream outfit and we’ll even give you 3 handpicked Splendour events based on your style.

8. Avoid wearing denim overalls

Denim overalls may look cute in pics but once the sun goes down you’ll soon realise that they actually provide 0% warmth and if anything only make you colder. Plus, nothing is worse than going to the toilet whilst having to pretzel your arms around your bag, jacket, drink and keep those overall straps from hitting that STD infested portaloo floor.

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9. Cover your head

Warm head = warm body. Get some earmuffs or one of those beanies with the flaps. They may not be the most fashionable festival accessory but they sure as sh*t keep you warm and when you’re stuck waiting for the bus after midnight in -1 degree temps, you’ll be thanking yourself for packing one.

10. Fire pits

Most winter festivals like Splendour In The Grass will have fire pits plotted around the festival. If you need a little defrosting then snag yourself a spot by the fire for a little toast up in between your favourite sets.

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If you’re going to Splendour In The Grass next weekend and you’re looking for that perfect pump up road-trip playlist to get you in the mood then give our SP_SITG Playlist a listen and let the Splendy hype begin.


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