5 steps to prepare for a music festival.

Heading to The Big Pineapple Festival?! Then it’s time to get ready for a full blown weekend of music, madness and probably a few too many messy moments. However, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Festival prep is daunting so we’ve done our best to simplify things by creating a how to: prepare for a music festival guide, for all of those inexperienced rookies out there.

Step 1: Prep the crew

There’s set rules when you have to prepare for a music festival. The first rule … Pick a group mum.

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The group mum is crucial, they’re in charge of all things from monitoring water intake to keeping the group in check. If you plan on doing shoeys and going MIA in the mosh, don’t step up. 

If no one in your crew is capable of this role, let SearchParty be your mumma. Create your Party, set your Pins and let SearchParty take care of you.

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Step 2: Prep your festival outfit

Other than waiting to purchase the tickets in the Moshtix greenroom, festival fashion is an extremely stressful and vital part that comes with any festival.

Festival outfits for many are an integral part of attending a festival and it comes with many tough decisions that, if made incorrectly, can compromise your entire festival experience.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Festival Fashion:

  1. DO wear something comfortable
  2. DON’T wear a jumpsuit or overalls (unless you plan on avoiding all portaloos)
  3. DO wear enclosed shoes
  4. DON’T wear brand new Dr Martens
  5. DO wear undies
  6. DON’T wear ‘just’ undies


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Step 3: Prep the immune system

You didn’t get this far in life to be taken out by a virus … Keep the immune system in check before, during and after the festival by packing the essentials.

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Top 5 Festival Packing Essentials:

  1. Hand sanitiser: wash your hands you detty pig
  2. Vitamins: A Voost a day keeps the virus away
  3. Face mask: Keep your germs to yourself ya nasty
  4. Fem Fresh: These bad boys can be used as an all over body wipe to get rid of the festival stank
  5. Water: Load up on water bottles and keep hydrated all weekend

Step 4: Prep the stomach

Recite this back to yourself: Bevvies without breakfast brings blackouts

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When you’re at a festival, remembering to eat becomes a skill that takes some serious pre-planning in order to execute. To avoid any unwanted spews or blackouts you’ll need to line that stomach.

We understand you’d rather be spending your hard earned cash on drinks and don’t want to bloat in your $300 Chiffon diamond encrusted festival outfit but we still recommend some snacking throughout the day to keep the tum at bay.

Best 10 Snacks To Bring To A Music Festival:

  1. Trail mix: Not just for your uncle 
  2. Muesli bars: Chew at your own risk
  3. Roasted chickpeas: Great alternative to chips
  4. Smooshed Balls: Soft chewy balls of goodness
  5. Packet noodles: No cook = no mess
  6. Flavoured rice cakes: With or without toppings
  7. Tiny Teddies: Childhood throwback
  8. Jelly Beans: Keeps the blood sugar levels happy
  9. SPC Two Fruits: The ultimate food/drink combo
  10. Up&Go: The O.G. liquid breakfast

Step 5: Prep the campsite

Treat your campsite like your very own home away from home. Don’t get caught up in the hype of the festival and forget the fact that you’re going to need somewhere to reside when you’re not actually at the festival.

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If you’re new to the world of camping we suggest you follow our budget friendly packing checklist to help maximise your festival experience.

Best Festival Campsite Checklist On A Budget

  • Bed = pool float from Big W 
  • Chair = milk crate 
  • Fridge = esky and ice 
  • Shower = bucket and water 
  • Pillow = empty goon sack 
  • Food = white bread with nutella 
  • Closet = floor of your tent 
  • Recycling bin = empty carton of [insert bogan beer] 
  • Mouthwash = “bottle of Jack” 
  • Table = more milk crates

Now that you’ve been informed of the nitty gritty that comes with preparing for a music festival, you’re ready to hit up Party In The Paddock like a pro.

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If you’re not going to Party In The Paddock but you’re still keen for a good time this weekend then jump on the SearchParty app for our Local Lineup featuring the best eats, beats and bevvies for February in Melb, Syd, Bris and the Gold Coast.

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