If you’ve just snagged yourself a festival ticket but are now coming to the realisation that you’ve left yourself short for accommodation, outfits, alcohol, etc. then you’re not alone.

We’re bringing you 6 sneaky hacks to get more cash in a flash, without having to resort to a second job or needing to find a sugar daddy. How do we know? Each hack has been tried and tested by our very own SearchParty insider, Tahlzo, when she saved up the dosh for Coachella in just 4 months.

Read on to start saving, STAT.

1. What’s the quickest way to earn more money without needing a second job?

Sell Your Sh*t:
“Don’t be a little hoarder. If it’s worth more to someone else, set it free and cash in. Since booking my trip in January I’ve had to part ways with my beloved pink Dr Martens but I’m much better off with the cash”.

Hit up Her Wardrobe to sell your old fashion, and Gumtree for everything else.

2.Did you do any shopping while you were trying to save?

Coupon Queen:
“I couldn’t resist that retail therapy hit but I also didn’t want to ruin all of my hard work, so my trick was to look for online stores with sign up discount codes, or get my friends who worked in retail to give me their discounts.”

Cotton On Perks gives you $10 off for signing up, then $10 discount for every $100 spent. Get a 20% birthday discount at Princess Polly. Or get shady with Quay Sunnies – 15% off your first order.

3. What’s the easiest trick for saving?

“The scab life is a sad but effective method for saving. I managed to get by without buying face wipes, deodorant, socks, you’d be surprised how much money it saved me. The trick is to alternate who you ‘borrow’ it from and no one will ever notice”.

Baby wipes are even cheaper than face wipes, and work as a makeup remover, fake tan touch-up, clothing stain remover and instant shower at those festy campsite toilets.

4. Did you save money on eating out?

Macca’s Deals Baby:
“If you’re not afraid of a little onset diabetes then McDonald’s deals will get you through the cravings struggle. Not ideal for every meal but it’s a good alternative when you can’t stomach any more canned tuna and rice”.

Too busted for even a Macca’s deal? Scrounge the loose change from your car and hit up a $1 burger. Yes, $1.

5. What was the biggest cutback?

Double Shot Coffee Vodka
“If you’re determined to reach your goals then you have to cut the fancy sh*t. I stopped buying vodka sodas and started taking a sneaky flask on a night out, a very efficient savings method if you ask me”.

Tahlzo was also a bandit for sneaking a little Oreo’s snack pack or crackers in her bag on a big night out. Massive savings on the 3am kebab splurge!

6. What was the hardest thing you had to do?

The Dreaded Outfit Repeater:
“I’m a hardcore hater for having to repeat an outfit and I’m not going to lie, it took some serious restraint to stop myself from buying a new one every weekend. When I couldn’t mix and match my old stuff anymore I took to my best friend’s wardrobe”.

When you’ve exhausted your mates’ wardrobes, check out SWOP Clothing Exchange to broaden your fashion horizons.

And there you have it, the 6 hacks that’ll get you to SITG – or the festival of your choice – without having to struggle or work any overtime.

If you missed out on Splendour tickets then the Spin Off festival is for you! Held in Adelaide with headliner acts from the Splendour lineup like Childish Gambino, Catfish And The Bottlemen, Ball Park Music and so many more, you won’t even notice that you’re missing the real thing.

For more ideas on how to beat the debt and start saving for Splendour check out our blog.


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