Tomikah Jenkins made a decision to turn her online influencer status into a fitness career by using her large Instagram following to her advantage.⁠

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Starting out at McDonalds, Tomikah now spends all of her time working on her company Santé Fitness where she trains over 30 clients both online and in person.

When the constant harassment from pervy men became too much, she turned her focus from bikinis and acai bowls onto health and fitness and now has a collective 100k followers on both of her Instagram pages.

The thought of balancing a life of training, working with clients, managing social media while still maintaining a social life would seem impossible for most but for Tomikah Jenkins it’s just another day in the life. ⁠⁠

Source: @tomikahjenkins

We took to Fitness on Capri to ask Tomikah how she went from influencer to entrepreneur in our latest episode of SearchParty Self-Made.

Q: Have you ever bought any followers?

A: No, I wouldn’t even know how to do that and if I did it’s a real waste of money.

Q: How much time do you put into social media a week?

A: About 4-5 hours getting content to give me at least 7-10 days worth of content. Depending on my week it varies, but the more effort I put in the better it is.

Q: Would you be so successful without your existing audience?

A: 100%, it has benefited me a lot and I’m really glad because I wasn’t going to put it on my private account when I first started and looking at it now I realise wow, I would be stupid not too.

Q: What were the first steps you took in starting Sante Fitness?

A: I went to HPC in Miami and did the courses needed to get certificates in nutrition and fitness to then get me qualified to teach. From there I did work experience and training friends cheap so that I could get working and taking videos and photos for my social media. I only recently brought it to a website so that I was able to answer common questions.

Q: What’s happening with your business right now?

A: I have a group challenge for 15 people and I have around 15-20 private clients and a few online clients. It’s good, I like keeping busy, I’d get bored if not, so it’s good.

Q: How do you juggle work and comp prepping?

A: I normally work from 5 in the morning until 10-11 and then I’ll eat and train with 1-3 hours in the middle and then come back and work again.

Q: How do you find motivation?

A: I feel motivated by the people I train and I think surrounding yourself with people who want to be motivated. I’ve also got goals and some days it can even be music, and my playlist is really intense.

Q: What has been the biggest hurdle in your career so far?

A: Most PTs can probably relate but when clients cancel or leave because it is income and unlike normal jobs I get paid per session. Personally I also love to travel and as a PT I can’t go away for long periods of time because people will probably find a new routine and that’s probably the biggest hurdle of mine.

Q: How will you know when you’ve made it?

A: When I’ve made it would be when I can go away and know people will be here when I come back and it means that I’ve made an impression, that’s probably it.

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