If you’re heading to The Big Pineapple Festival on the Sunny Coast this weekend then we’ve got the run down for you with recommendations, what to expect and if you’re camping, what options you have.

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SearchParty Recommendations:

1. Layering is key

It’s hard to prepare for festivals during autumn when you’ve got hot days and cold nights. We recommend you take spare clothes for layering once the sun starts to drop. For the ultimate festival accessory, check out Kmart for their $5 fingerless gloves.

2. Plan your set times before you go

There’s nothing worse than missing a good set due to poor preparations. Be sure to avoid this by planning out who you’re going to see at what time, and since the festival doesn’t have an app, schedule reminders on your phone.

3. Get your road trip playlist sorted

There’s nothing better than listening to a playlist full of bangers on the way to getting lit at a music festival. Don’t worry about making your own mix tape, because we’ve got you sorted with 7 hours of handpicked bangers for your listening pleasure. Check out our SP_Road Trip Bangers playlist.

4. Download SearchParty

Don’t let losing your mates at a festival get in the way of a good time. Download SearchParty before heading in on the weekend and create a Party with your Big Pineapple crew.

5. Try to get to the camp grounds early

If you’re camping you should aim to get to the festival before the sun goes down. This way you’ll have a much better chance at nabbing a killer camping spot, plus you’ll be able to set your tent up when it’s still light out.

What To Expect:

The lineup this year is one of a kind and we seriously cannot wait!

It’s going to be killer with dual stages, three different bars including a Carlton Dry van, ferris wheel and plenty of water stations, so don’t forget to bring an empty water bottle for free hydrating.

If you didn’t listen to our recommendation for layering up, then you can always buy a jumper from the merch tent along with band tees, beanies and other pineapple merch.

Camping Options:

If you still haven’t figured out where to stay and aren’t keen for a long ass bus trip after the festival, don’t stress because camping tickets are still available. It’s well worth the money because it also includes entry to the pre-party which features sets from Tones and I, KLP and more.

Don’t want to buy and set up a tent after a long week of work? Good news, you don’t have to. This year they are giving the option to purchase pre-pitched tents. There’s three choices including a Kartent which is a sustainable alternative to the cheap plastic tents that usually get dumped after one or two uses.

Otherwise for all the other plebs who can’t afford to be boujee this weekend, you can choose the cheapest option and BYO tent. It may be a lot more work but it will save you money for other goodies in the festival.


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