Your Last Write-Off Before 2019 Really Begins

Everyone knows that January is just a write-off and you’ve probably already broken your New Year’s resolutions to make good choices and stop drinking. This long weekend is the perfect time for your last hurrah before getting back into working mode for another gruelling year.



If you’re yet to make any plans then we’ve got you covered with 5 solid suggestions that’ll be sure to amuse, letting you slip straight back into the year feeling satisfied with your partying efforts.

1. Hottest 100 Party/Piss up

There’s always that one friend who is willing to sacrifice their backyard for the countdown and we love these guys. This party usually consists of a sketchy blow-up pool, eskies full of alcohol and a few too many burnt sausages and by the time the Top Ten comes around everyone’s already passed out or hanging on by a thread. If you haven’t already put your Triple J Hottest 100 picks in, remember voting closes on Tuesday so you’ll want to get a wriggle on.

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2. Rolling Loud Festival

What better way to celebrate the Aussie Day long weekend than in one of our most iconic cities, Sydney. The Rolling Loud Festival is hitting Australia for the first time and if you were lucky enough to snatch up tickets it’s expected to go off with sets from Future, Manu Crooks and more.

3. Pavlova

The pavlova is an Aussie delicacy and there’s no better time to share one than over the Australia Day long weekend … although some Kiwis might disagree. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that there is a long-standing debate over the origin of the humble pavlova. But don’t let decades of culinary turf wars stop you from downing that sugary goodness –  this weekend is the perfect time to own it, in true Aussie spirit.



4. Tarp Sliding

If you’ve never slid down a plastic tarp souped up with dishwashing detergent and the garden hose, then you’re missing out. And if you have, then you’ll know it can be a dangerously fun. If you don’t end up with a few cuts, bruises or even bleeding knees then you’ll at a minimum end up with soap in your eyes and other unfortunate places … worth it though.

5. The Beach

Cricket, drinks, good music and great friends: there’s no better combo. However it’s probably the busiest weekend of the year to go to the beach and if you head down anytime after sunrise there’s a big possibility you aren’t getting a park – or anywhere to sit. To avoid disappointment it’s best to carpool or get a lift, and allocate one early-rising mate to get there early and nab your spot.



In case of music emergencies: if you find yourself lacking good tunes at any point of the weekend we’ve created our very own SearchParty Spotify playlist full of the best songs from 2018 that’ll get the party going.


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