If you’re a part-time, non-vegan vegan who’s looking for a mad plant-based feed on the Gold Coast then have we got the list for you.

The GC is the hub for meat-hating foodies who are catered for accordingly. You can find vegan options at almost every turn and we aren’t talking side salads and nasty tofu concoctions – the range is extensive and not only that, it’s freaking delicious too.

We’re here to beat the stigma around vegan food by giving you our top 10 restaurants with vegan options around the coast that’ll leave you feeling hungry and inspired for dinner.

1. Lord of the Fries

Mock Meat

The next time you’re coming out of the club at an ungodly hour and find yourself looking for a nasty feed that isn’t so nasty, have a go at Lord of the Fries. Get a taste of the best mock-meat menu going with parma burgers, Chicago hot dogs and peanut butter milkshakes. So good you won’t even know it’s not the real thing.

Image of two vegan burgers and milkshake from Lord of the Fries.
Source: @lordofthefries1

2. Blendlove


Picture this: Cheezy ‘Pawk’ fries, cheezecakes topped in bliss balls and the best truffle hash you’ll ever experience. Sounds like a good time doesn’t it?

Well Blendlove is here to rub you the right way with all of the best cruelty-free cheat meals on the Gold Coast.

Image of cheesecakes from Blendlove.
Source: @blendlove

3. The Cardamom Pod

Smoothie Bowls

If you’re a babe who’d go down for a good smoothie bowl then The Cardamom Pod is here for you. These guys do acai bowls on crack, they’ve got snickers, salted caramel and peach options that will seriously blow your mind.

Image of smoothie bowl from Cardamom Pod.
Source: @cardamompodbrickworks

4. Nude Sisters

Vegan burger

The burgers are not better at Hungry Jacks when it comes to Nude Sisters. The vegan barbecue, bacon burger will trump any other mock meat burgers trying to get up in their grill.

Image of vegan burger, chips and a smoothie from Nude Sisters Kitchen.
Source: @nudesisterskitchen

5. Lucky Bao:

Crack Fries

Once you go crack you can’t go back. The crack fries from Lucky Bao will have you hooked, hence the name, ‘crack’ fries.

Image of crack fries from Lucky Bao.
Source: @baolucky

6. Goji Granola

Coco Soft

If you haven’t tried the Coco Soft from Goji then you are so far from accomplished in life. Next time you’re sitting around wondering where to go for a Sunday breakfast give Goji a go.

Image of two acai bowls with coco soft on top from Goji.
Source: @goji_granola_bar_and_cafe

7. BKA Vegan

Bowls Night

If cheap, vegan bowls is what you’re down for then BKA will get you going. Every Wednesday from 5pm these guys offer curry bowls, Mexi bowls, burger bowls and more, all for the sweet price of $12. The perfect place for a cruisy arvo with friends and a few cheap bevies.

Image of vegan bowls from BKA Vegan in Burleigh.
Source: @bkavegan

8. Greenhouse Canteen

Smoked Jackfruit Enchilada

“Cruelty free and killing it.” Ain’t that the truth.

Do yourself a favour and check out Greenhouse Canteen in Miami where you can get the best smoked jackfruit enchiladas. Or if that doesn’t tickle your tastebuds they provide a vast array of other cruelty free options that certainly will.

Image of vegan food at Greenhouse Canteen in Miami.
Source: @greenhouse_canteen

9. Montezumas

Montez now has a vegan menu that’s decked out with the best Mexican eats where you can indulge without a care in the world. Vegan nachos, tacos, enchiladas, fajitas and even desserts: these guys are the real, vegan deal.

Image of vegan nachos from Montezumas.
Source: @montezumasmexican

10. Grill’d

Beyond Simply Grill’d Burger

For those nights you just can’t be f*cked cooking and all you want is to get down and dirty with a burger. The Beyond Simply vegan burger from Grill’d is here to grant that wish for you.

Image of beyond simply vegan burger from Grill'd.
Source: @grilldburgers


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