1. Boys’ Night Out

So you’ve planned a big night out with the boys but as soon as you hit the club everyone disappears into thin air and can’t be found until lock out? Or you’re at the pub and [insert name] does a smoke-bomb as soon as it’s their round for beers?

Keeping the boys together on a night out is a mission but that’s where SearchParty comes in handy. It’s as easy as creating a Party with the crew before you head out and as soon as anyone goes for a wander, which they will, you’ll be able to find them well before kick ons.

2. Finding my mates at a festival

Picture this, you rock up to the festival, mates on either side, you go through security and get your bands, then within the next 10 minutes they’re all gone and you now have to spend the next few hours looking for them and trying to remember where the meetup point was. Sound familiar?

It’s inevitable, you will 100% lose your friends at a festival no matter how prepared you think you are. It doesn’t need to be this hard, all you’ve got to do is create a Party at pres before the festival, get your friends to join, problem solved. No more wasted hours searching for your friends and missing sets from your favourite artists. You’re free now my friends, you can go back to enjoying festivals the way they were intended to be enjoyed and just know that with the swift tap of the SearchParty app, you can locate them immediately, that is if they want to be found …

3. When [insert name] disappears from the club

Have you ever been on a night out where everyone stayed together and went home together? Didn’t think so. It usually plays out just like this, [insert name] goes to the bathroom and then an hour goes by until you realise they’re still gone. Chances are they’ve done 1 of 3 things, passed out in the bathroom with their head in the bowl, gone to Maccas for a late night feed or booked themselves an Uber and they’re on the way to their ex boyfriends house.

The problem is there is just no way to know where they went, until now. Before you head out make sure you create a party with the group and then when [insert name] goes off, just whip out your phone and find them instantly.

4. Where my mates at?

We’ve all been there when you’re waiting around for that friend who’s running late and says they’re only a minute away yet proceed to take another 30 minutes. Don’t be fooled any longer, if you want to see exactly where they are, just open the SearchParty app and find out if they actually are just stuck in traffic or if they’re still at home and most likely hoping into the shower.

Or you’re boyfriend rocks up 15 minutes early and you’ve got half a face of makeup on and no clue what you’re actually going to wear. No more guessing where they are all you have to do is open up the SearchParty app and see how exactly how long you have to finish beating your face.

5. When i’ve gone too hard   

Had a few too many, not sure where you are? It’s okay, we’ve got you covered. Make a Party with your friends before you plan on sending it, that way when your feeling a bit helpless you can press the distress button and alert everyone in the Party, or if you need someone a bit more experienced we will provide you with the numbers for emergency services.     

6. On my next holiday

In a Busy City:

If you’ve ever been on a holiday with friends then you’d know that gut drop feeling when you turn your head and they are nowhere to be seen. That flash of panic across your face when you think of all the terrible things that could happen if you don’t find them… like they’ve got the room key or you’ve left your wallet in their bag. As long as you’ve got your phone and SearchParty, you’ll never have to endure this experience again. Pull out the app, find your friends and get them to stay where they are, or you can chat and make a meetup point in the middle, either way, the stress of losing someone in a foreign country is gone.  

Ski Trip:

If you’ve ever been to the snow with friends or family and you’re going down the slopes but can’t find the rest of your group, you’d know it can become really stressful. If you can’t remember where you decided to meet up at the bottom, you can now just pull out your SearchParty app and find the rest of the group, it’s as easy as that. Experience more freedom on a holiday knowing that you’ll be able to locate your group whenever you need to.

Night out:

Holidays are for relaxing and of course drinking but sometimes when you’re in a foreign place and you’ve had a few too many drinks it can be hard to find your way back to where you’re staying. If you’ve got mates who’ve stayed home with a bit of heatstroke or needed a rest, you can just turn on the app and follow the map to where they are and voila you’re back in one piece.


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November 14, 2019

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