Amsterdam … It’s not just for getting high.

Time is fleeting and we get that, so for those travelling or thinking about travelling to Amsterdam in the near future we’ve got you covered with our 24 hours in Amsterdam Itinerary.

We assume you get the basics: go cycling, see the Anne Frank House, eat Space Cake etc … So we’ve skipped the cliched Amsterdam itinerary and created one for the time/money poor travellers who want to see all of the crazy and wacky stuff that Amsterdam has to offer in the speediest way possible.

7:00 Caffeine Hit

Barney’s Coffeeshop

For a good start to your 24hr journey in Amsterdam don’t go past Barney’s. Known for its originality and futuristic vibe, Barney’s is a perfect travellers’ destination for hearty meals, high quality herbal strains and the best customer service.


8:00 Not So Boring Museums

Going to a museum on a holiday may seem like a school excursion but not when you’re in Amsterdam and the museums aren’t exactly ordinary.

Hemp lovers

Take a quick tour of the Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum and get educated on the different uses of hemp plus take a quick tour of the cannabis garden.

Image of Hash Museum store front

Psychedelic trippers

Not a weed fan? Then check out the Museum of Fluorescent Art for an immersive trip into the light.


Sick and twisted

Humans are absolute sickos. Want proof? Check out The Torture Museum full of torture tools from our gruesome past.


10:00 Cat Lover’s Dream

The Cat Boat

Skip the canal cruise and get up on The Cat Boat which is basically a floating cat sanctuary on the Amsterdam Canal. This weird attraction accommodates 50 stray cats that you can either scratch behind the ears or adopt, the choice is yours.

Source: @amsterdamcitizen

10:30 Not for the faint hearted

A’DAM Tower

With minimal time up your sleeve we’ve got the best option for you to see all that Amsterdam has to offer. Take a dangle from the highest swing in Europe (22 stories) that offers 360 degree views of the entire city.


11:30 Re-fuel

Albert Cuyp Street Market

Kill two birds with one stone and head to the Albert Cuyp Street Market for a fresh Stroopwaffle while you soak up the cool and entertaining atmosphere of Amsterdam with over 300 stalls lining both sides of the neighbourhood.

Source: @amsterdamfancyfood

15:30 Commence day drinking

When you’re on a holiday any time of the day is an appropriate time to start drinking and anyone who disagrees clearly needs a drink.

15:30 Bar Hop #1 

Hannekes Boom

For a perfect chilled out vibe the Hannekes Boom bar is the one for you. Surrounded by water in a beach-hut style, this bar is one of the most popular bars in Amsterdam so we recommend ordering two drinks up front so you can skip waiting in big lines for your next drink.

Source: @hannekesboom

16:30 Bar Hop #2

Xtracold Ice Bar

Cool off at one of the coolest bars in Amsterdam, literally. This bar is kept at -10 degrees and made entirely out of ice so you won’t have to worry about your beer going warm. 


While walking from bar to bar you’ll also witness the Insta worthy street art that surrounds Amsterdam.

17:30 Bar Hop #3 

The Waterkant

Take a seat on this canal-side bar and sit sipping on bier op tap (beers on tap) overlooking the Singlegratch. Expect a relaxed festival-like vibe from this bar that’s perfect for easing into an arvo bar crawl.


18:30 Bar Hop #4 

Heineken Beer HQ 

For the ultimate brewery experience you can’t go past this Amsterdam treasure. Spend an hour learning about beer while drinking it before hopping off to the next bar.


19:30 Bar Hop #5 


Finish off your bar hop with Canvas, a sky-high bar with panoramic views. Grab a cocktail and watch the sun set and stick around for a little boogie after because once the sun goes down this joint turns from elegant afternoon drinks to the ultimate dance club scene.


20:30 Line your stomach

Now it’s time for a proper feed and we’ve got options for two kinds.

For the ‘blind’ date: Ctaste Dark Dining

Ctaste, where you can test your senses by eating in the complete dark. The perfect spot to go if you’ve had a few to many on your bar hop and you don’t want anyone to see you slurring.


For the pretty in pink: Mama Kelly

Or check out Mama Kelly, a 230-seat pink tinted restaurant that’s one of a kind with a menu based around chicken and lobster.

Source: @mamakellyamsterdam

Now it’s time to head into Amsterdam’s Red Light District, famous for its peep show windows and erotic theatre. This part of Amsterdam isn’t for everyone but it is an interesting experience to say the least.

22:00 Red Light District

Erotic Museum

First thing’s first, check out the Erotic Museum where you can see all of the erotic history Amsterdam has to offer. From wax figured prostitutes and erotic photographs to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 18+ placed next to a unique condom vending machine. Make sure you don’t leave without grabbing some erotica souvenirs for the family while you’re there … It would be rude not to.


23:00 The final attraction

Sex shows

Now for the real deal without actually getting the real deal: a famous Amsterdam sex show. For the extreme show/strip club Bananenbar is right up your alley. For the classier and more choreographed performances we suggest the Casa Rosso Theatre which is less sleazy old married men and gives off more of a touristy-backpacker party vibe.



Phew … If you manage to get through all of this in 24 hours we salute you. This one’s definitely not for the slow pokes of the world who are after a nice relaxing holiday but we do know it’s one of the best and fastest ways to enjoy Amsterdam in all of its glory.

While you’re finding your away around Amsterdam don’t forget to download SearchParty so you don’t waste any time searching for your mates. For more 24 hrs Around the World, check out our 24 hours in Vegas.


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