Our 10 Essential Tips for Summer Festivals

The summer festival season in upon us and regardless of which gig’s on your hit-list, you’ll need to be prepared. That’s why we’ve narrowed down our 10 Essential Tips for Surviving the Festival Season this Summer:

1. For the girls, invest in some setting spray. It’s the only thing that’ll keep your makeup on even after the rain, the sweaty mosh pits and those sneaky tactical voms.

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2. Dry shampoo is a must for anyone who’s camping; it’ll turn your hair from greasy to luscious in a matter of spray, plus the fragrance also reduces that faint smell of cigarettes and shame.

3. Electrolyte tablets because drinking and dancing in 30 degree heat without extra hydration will send you straight to the medic tent before the sun even sets.

4. Buy some cheap shoes for camping because festival showers are not your friend and can usually end up making you dirtier than when you stepped in. Or you can avoid them all together and use a good ol’ wet wipe– it may not be as thorough, but it will reduce the amount of time you need to spend in the showers.

5. Don’t wear white, or it’ll be fifty shades of brown by the end of the day.

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6. Break in your shoes or you will get blisters and find yourself hitching a piggy back ride on your friend’s back before stepping foot into the event, or worse… be forced to wear thongs for the rest of the weekend.

7. Watch what you eat and steer clear of the food trucks selling things that don’t agree with your stomach. If eating a dodgy hot dog in the first place isn’t a mistake, the digestive concoction of processed meat and 10 drinks on a hot summer’s day is bound to end in disaster- whether it hits you on the way down or coming back up.

8. Drink water. I know you think that your 10 vodka lime sodas are basically #health but if you don’t drink some actual water you’ll soon find yourself passed out and on your own; it’s best not to push your limits, especially in summer.

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9. Get the right camping setup: Get a tent with breathable materials and try to nab a shady spot because in just 20 minutes of the summer sun blazing on your tent you’ll have yourself a polyester sauna that’s only going to get hotter throughout the day.

10. Invest in a cheap blow up pool and fill it with ice- not only will you have yourself a giant esky but also a pool once it melts (minus the million bucket runs it usually takes to fill one).

Comment your festival survival hacks below.


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