And just like that, Coachella 2019 is done and dusted. Weekend 1 brought a flood of influencers, brand parties and surprise artists like Selena Gomez and Katy Perry while Weekend 2 came with its first Easter Sunday service by Yeezus himself and some dodgy lip synching by the recently retired Justin Bieber.

To help with the comedowns and post-Chella depression, our SP Insider Tahlzo shared this Weekend 2 wrap up and even chucked in some sneaky tips to help you survive your next camping festival:

Weekend 2 Fashion

Weekend 2 fashion is nothing like Weekend 1. Instead of designer outfits worn by models and influencers, you get a mix of fishnets, pasties and outdated fluoro pieces worn by some very ‘interesting’ characters.

The hardest part about a Coachella outfit is dressing for 40 degree heat during the day and then having to scramble for jumper as soon as the sun goes down and wind kicks in.

Weekend 2 Music Overview

When a music festival features headliners like Childish Gambino, Tame Impala, Rufus Du Sol and Ariana Grande, you just know you’re in for a treat.

Day 1 highlight was Rufus Du Sol who absolutely killed it and created an amazing atmosphere with their high energy performance that was felt over the entire festival.

Source: Buzzbands.LA

As for the most cooked, DJ Snake takes the lead as he destroyed the stage with a full trap set that sent everyone crazy and ended Day 1 in the best way possible.

Source: Run The Trap

The highlight for Day 2 of course goes to Billie Eilish, who brought an insane amount of energy and emotion to the stage with her dark and captivating presence.

Source: Variety

Khalid absolutely smashed Day 3, with an entertaining and emotional set where he paid tribute to Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle as well as bringing out John Mayer, sending the crowd into a freaking frenzy.

Source: Zimbio

And the closing set for the weekend was Ari who brought on the recently retired Justin Bieber. Even with the obvious lip synching it didn’t stop the crowd from throwing it back and singing along.

Source: Elle


Camping is hands-down the best way to do Coachella and if you’re not afraid of getting a little dirty and don’t mind sleeping on the ground for three days then you’re going to love it.

Source: The Press-Enterprise

Camping tips:

1. Don’t forget to BYO toilet paper because what’s provided will be gone by 10am each day and trust us, it’s a nightmare without it.

2. When packing it’s best not to go overboard. All you really need is a small tent, canopy, cooler and some camp chairs. If you want to donate your items after the festival, be sure to get in early or you’ll be stuck with them.

3. Keep some spare change for the ice truck each day and you’ll be set for keeping drinks cold, and the melted ice makes for a great way to cool off the next day.


If you’re camping and plan on buying food each day be warned it’ll get really expensive. To avoid paying for overpriced breakfast burritos and acai bowls you should get a few boxes of cereal and if you’re lucky you might end up with neighbours who have a propane stove and enough bacon to share.


Everything is 100x more expensive in the festival, a basic spirit will set you back about $10 USD and a hotdog $7-10 USD. If you want to save a bit of money the best thing to do is pick times with the less interesting acts and head back to the campsite to top up on drinks and snacks to keep you going for the rest of the night.

Desert Essentials

  • Face Scarf: Desert dust gets everywhere
  • Tissues: For your running nose
  • Clear Eyes: Keep your peepers fresh – bloodshot is never a good look
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch: Sugar hit for energy to burn
  • Body Wipes: Avoid shower queues
  • Spare Cash: Ice, tips and drunken bike rides

And there you have it, your SearchParty Coachella ’19 wrap up, tips and essentials that’ll have you prepped and ready for your next camping festival.


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