Guide to Surviving Schoolies 101

Schoolies: The year of prep, planning and breakdowns is finally coming to an end as the real-deal, the week of your lives, the epitome of your high-school experience is finally here!

The countdown for Schoolies Week 2019 is on so you’ve got about 4 days to get your sh*t together.

Schoolies Survival Guide-2019- friends gif

1. Pack those essentials

We’re talking phone chargers, makeup wipes, toothpaste, clean towels, all the boring stuff that you can’t go a week without.

2. Slip, Slop, Slap with a limited edition SearchParty hat

No hat, no play! If you’re not fond of the idea of looking 40 when you’re 20 then you should use some protection, sun protection that is. If you’re keen on snagging up one of our limited edition SearchParty bucket hats then hit us up at the Hilton Pool Party on Tuesday 19th and Monday 25th.

Schoolies Survival Guide-2019 SearchParty limited edition bucket hats

3. Try to get some sleep

You’re not invincible and you don’t want to be remembered at Schoolies as the grumpy a**hole who had to go home early because they didn’t get their afternoon nap… Increase your chances of lasting the entirety of Schoolies Week by getting some rest.

4. Eat more than once a day

Although the excitement of Schoolies can become overwhelming we advise that you don’t forget to eat… Take it as a blessing! No more formal diet, you can finally indulge in some quality eats from some of the best food places on the coast.

Here’s some of the best deals being offered over Schoolies Week:

Milky Lane: $10 basic burger

Lord Of The Fries: All hotdogs under $10

La Diosa Mexicana: $3 Taco Tuesday

Montezumas: Buy one main meal get one free

Vapiano: Free garlic pizza with any pasta, pizza and salad

Gelatissimo: Buy one get one free

Salt Meats Cheese: $10 lunch specials

5. Supplements

When you run out of steam mid week and you need a little pick-me-up then get yourself some Voost. These bad boys are full of all the vitamins and minerals you’ll be needing to replenish your soul after a few nights at Schoolies.

Keen for FREE tube of Voost?

Then keep your eyes peeled for our SearchParty team hitting the streets throughout Schoolies Week 1 and 2. We’ve got goodie bags jam packed with all the tools you’ll be needing to survive Schoolies and recover in style, including your very own tube of Energy Voost with Guarana.

6. Be Good

Safety first kidos, if you’re planning on getting down and dirty for the first time at Schoolies then don’t be a fool…

Once again SearchParty is coming on in to save the day with our survival totes with included Lifestyles product plus a discounted voucher code to purchase some Jonny Be Good for next time.

7. Tone it down on the Snaps

You don’t need to document your every waking move to keep the memories alive. No one needs to see Miranda doing a slut drop in the middle of the kitchen, listening to Beyonce in her bikinis. It’s the best memories that are kept private. Makes for better stories for the grandkids, we say.

8. Don’t be a hermit Schoolie

As much fun as it is staying in the apartment listening to beats on the balcony with the boys, it’s also good to get out and about for a day or two to soak up more than just alcohol. For a list of some cheap and fun adventures to be had over the week we’ve got you covered.

Hilton pool party

Get some well needed vitamin D at one of the Hilton Pool Parties this year. You might even be lucky enough to snag your very own SearchParty towel to replace what is almost assumed to be your current soaking wet towel in a ball in the bathroom of your apartment.

We’ll be covering the pool parties on Tuesday Week 1 and Monday Week 2 so you definitely won’t be able to miss us.

Strike Bowling

Throw it back old school with Strike Bowling on Cavill Ave. You can dabble in a few games of bowling, whip out the vocals with a round of karaoke or just sit back eat some pizza and watch the rest of your mates act a fool. Choice is yours.

Taboo Tiki

Get out of the crowd and venture on down to the hidden alley way bar in Surfers. Taboo Tiki is waiting for you with a mad range of tropical bevies and even better tunes from some of the Coast’s best DJs.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Get your mates together and go full tourist with one of the Gold Coast’s well known attractions and museum.

Jet Boating

For a little thrill you can hop on board one of Australia’s number one jet boat ride, Paradise Jet Boating.

Sling Shot

And for the ultimate thrill go take a ride on the Sling Shot because nothing would be better than getting flung in the air at 80km/hr after a few big nights at Schoolies.

9. Hire a scooter for the day!

The best way to explore the Gold Coast, even for the locals, is to hire a scooter to zip around on for the day. Scooters are the most fun especially with a big group of friends.

10. Keep your expectations at bay

Although Schoolies is a great time it’s best not to go in with the highest expectations. Your favourite moments by far will be the quality time with friends, the guilt free food, and the freedom of a parents free week. Go enjoy living it up by the beach, drinking $1 frozen cokes from Maccas and celebrating the end of an era … without flashing your boobs off the balcony.


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