10 steps to becoming a SearchParty pro

Our quick start guide will take you through all the steps needed to become a whiz at using SearchParty, from creating a Party to Pinning a meetup point at a festival.

Welcome to SearchParty

Step 1: Create Party

Creating a Party is that easy, all you need to do is choose a Party name, then select public or private and continue with the orange arrow.

Step 2: Join a Party 

To join a Party click the orange arrow under the current party you’re in then click Join on the left hand corner of your screen. You’ll be able to join a party through the QR code scanning window or enter the Party ID.

Step 3: Pin a point on the map in Party

Just pop a custom Pin down at your chosen meetup point in your Party and at any moment of the event you and your crew can locate that exact Pin on the map.

Pins can be public or private – so you can show your meetup point to your crew, and keep your tent location just for you and your bed buddy.

Step 4: Chat in Party

To chat in a Party simply click on the burger menu on the bottom right corner of your screen and select the Party Chat badge to get chatting.

Step 5: Nudge Party

Mates in your Party aren’t online when you need them the most? With Nudging simply nudge your entire party through the bottom right hamburger menu and they will receive a notification instantly.

For individual nudging you can search the user’s name in the party using the Search icon and then nudge that one person.

Step 6: @mention user in Party

With the Mentions feature you can say goodbye to lost messages in a Party of 20+. If you need to get a specific message to a Party member you can now @mention them and they will get a notification instantly.

Step 7: Search user in Party

Not sure who’s in this Party of 100? Save time with the Search function allowing you to use the search bar to find a specific user instead of scrolling through the entire list of members in the Party.

Step 8: Block user in Party

To block a user simply click on the user avatar and you’ll get the option to block them. Friends again? You can unblock a user by heading to the Profile section in the top left of your screen and under ‘Blocked users’ select Unblock. Easy.

Step 9: Download offline map

Before you head into a crowded area like a festival, be sure to download that map as a backup if things don’t go to plan. To download your map just click the Download Map icon at the top right hand corner of your screen and you can save a map of 2km radius from your current location to use offline at any point of the day.

Step 10: Press emergency button in Party 

If you ever need a little assistance at a festival when you’ve gotten lost or gone a little too hard just click on the ! icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. From here you just hold down the Help button for 3 seconds and every member of your Party will receive an instant notification that you need help. Or you can direct dial Emergency Services to call 000 (or your local Emergency Services internationally).



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