You know we’re not just for festivals, right? SearchParty has so many different uses and the possibilities are endless. Whether you use it for tracking down that mate who always disappears in the club or when you’re on a trip overseas in a busy city, SearchParty has the goods to ensure you don’t get lost, and don’t get ghosted.

No one likes a loner …

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1. Boys’ Night Out

Keeping the boys together on a night out can be a mission. Get SearchParty before your next boys’ night and create a Party with the crew before you go. That way as soon as anyone disappears, you’ll be able to find them well before lock-out.

2. Festival meetups

It doesn’t need to be hard to find your friends at a festival. All you need to do is create a Party at pre’s, get your friends to join and problem solved. With a swift tap of the SearchParty app, you can locate anyone in the Party at any point.

3. When your mate goes MIA

We all have that one friend who disappears on every night out. Before you head out to the club, make sure you create a Party with the group – that way as soon as they go off on their own you can just whip out your phone and find them instantly.

4. Waiting for your mates

Don’t be waiting around for that mate who’s always running late. No more wondering if they’ll be 10 mins or an hour. If you create a Party with all of your friends, the next time you need to know what’s taking so long, you’ll be able to see where they really are.

5. When you’ve gone too hard

Make a Party with your friends before you plan on sending it and when you’re feeling a bit helpless, press the Help button to alert everyone in the Party. Or if you need some extra help you can also dial Emergency Services in one tap.

6. Next overseas vacay

Never feel that gut drop on a holiday when you turn your head and your friends are nowhere to be seen. As long as you’ve got your phone, just open SearchParty and find them again, no matter what city you’re in. Tell them to stay put with the ‘Stay There’ notification, or make a meetup point in the chat.

Tip: SearchParty is the ultimate travelling essential, download here.


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