No… not the same as Find My Friends


SearchParty is moving on up in the world from just festivals and into travel, parties, pick ups or even just to remember where you left the car during a food shop with the roomies.

The SearchParty app has the capability to expand over many other avenues, ranging from the simplest of situations from finding your mates on a night out to a more advanced setting like using the app during a Contiki tour to locate your group and stay safe in a foreign country.

More than just finding your friends or sharing your location via Google Maps. SearchParty has functionalities coming out of its ears starting all the way from the super simple sign-on with Facebook and Snapchat all the way to the world first ‘Alert Button’ imbedded within the app.

With the latest App update expanding to Android it will now allow users on both operating systems to interact together in the same Parties with the same functionalities and fast speed.

SearchParty is here to give you all the tools needed to make the most out of any experience from not loosing your mates at a festival to being able to find yourself and still find your hostel on a solo holiday.

App Features Worth Bragging About:

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