We’re joining forces with one of Australia’s festival greats AKA Party In The Paddock alongside friends, Triple J, Furphy, better cup and many more…

SearchParty x Party In The Paddock

That’s right, we’ve teamed up with the iconic Party In The Paddock as the Official Festival App for their grand FINALE and with a lineup this good, you bet it’s going to go down in history.

As always, SearchParty has your back to help maximise the festival fun and minimise the hassle that comes with losing your mates and your tents at a festival.

SearchParty was designed specifically for music festivals and major events. Low-latency features include interactive maps, pinning, group chat and being able to view friends’ locations in real time. Where text messages and social platforms fail due to congested mobile networks, SearchParty requires only minimal mobile service. 

SearchParty Quick Start Guide

Our quick start guide will take you through all the steps needed to become a whiz at using SearchParty, from creating a Party to Pinning a meetup point at a festival.


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