Android users … is anyone there?

It’s tough out there and we get that. So we’ve worked our SearchParty magic to make life a little easier for you fellow Google Play-ers.

Without further ado we present SearchParty, ready to download on the Google Play Store TODAY!


If you’re new to the SearchParty-party, let us give you the rundown:

Ever been on the way to the mosh and you look back only to find that [insert name] has dropped off from the back of the pack, never to be found again? With SearchParty you can say goodbye to lost mates and say hello to making up for lost time.

Before heading into your next festival download SearchParty (for free) on the Play Store and create a Party with the crew. Plan your meetup point with group chat and say goodbye to losing your mates at the main stage – you’ll be able to locate them anywhere with live GPS tracking.

Don’t feel left out from the rest of the world anymore Android lovers; get SearchParty and follow us on the path to good times with good mates.

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