Didn’t make it to Splendour last weekend? No stress, we’ve got you with our official SearchParty round-up for 2019.

From beginning to end Splendour was an absolute treat. Blue skies, good vibes and some seriously wack outfits and if you didn’t already know we had the SearchParty team hit it up to get the inside scoop on all things fashion and music. Plus we got some interviews with festival goers that had some bat sh*t crazy stories to tell.

So as the comedowns finally wear off and the weekend comes back around, let’s sit back and reminisce over the memories both good and bad from Splendour In The Grass 2019.


Even though the temps were low, the atmosphere was anything but. We saw plenty of mind-blowing sets from local and international artists like Broods, Odette, Thelma Plum and Fidlar. We got a taste of some seriously good bevvies from the Strongbow tent and saw some insane handmade outfits created by chicks with some serious confidence (as seen below).

Highlight Fashion

On Friday there were plenty of ass less chaps seen getting around, crazy crews with co-ords to match and of course an endless supply of drunk girls in teddy jackets as the sun went down.

Aside from the fashion and the unruly behaviour from festival goers, Friday gave us the hottest sets of the weekend.

Highlight Sets

Hayden James was one to remember with his set including artists by the likes of GRAACE, Running Touch, Panama and even the Brisbane Choir to help out with his hit ‘Nowhere To Go’.

Another killer set was Meg Mac who killed it in promoting her new album HOPE at the G W Mclennan stage while earlier in the day WolfMother (weird flex) gave the audience a chance to have a good ol’ head bang.

To end the night on a high was Tame Impala with his bewildering set that can only be described as having the audience melting in an upright position.


As the hangovers started to wear off from Friday nights antics, the drinks started (over) flowing for another day of moshing, messy festival goers and less than ideal/ muddy portaloo lines.

From our observations, Saturday brought on a bigger police presence with many more sniffer dogs, yet it didn’t seem to have an effect on the mood or dilated pupils. We also noticed a drop in the amount of chicks walking around chaps and nippies once the cooler temps started to kick in.

Aside from the music, the bars at Splendour are as always, on point. From the Smirnoff tent to the Red Bull bar they always provide us with the best beverages with inflated prices as to be expected. We found this years top performing bar was the Captain Morgan tent, one in which reportedly ran out of Captain Morgan before the weekend was out.

Highlight Bars

Highlight Sets

Childish Gambino really stepped up his game and after cancelling his Spilt Milk appearance earlier in the year, we’d say he well and truely redeemed himself, giving a performance for the ages.

Highlight Stalls

We saw some stand out fashion over the weekend but for those who needed a new outfit to compete with the others Beginning Boutique and Afends had stall that were filled with great stuff.


Day three was one for the memory bank, for those who can actually remember …

We saw people sending it hard and drinking enough alcohol to bring down Charlie Sheen, which became apparent after interviewing many less than ordinary festival goers.

Chance The Rapper cancelling last minute may have been a downer for a split second and after What So Not pulled off one of the best sets of the weekend the mood was back up at 100%, ending the night and the entire weekend on a high note.

Highlight Fashion

The fashion on Sunday was by far the most creative whilst also being the most revealing for the weekend. From crazy sidekicks to VB co-ords, we managed to capture the best of it.

Other Splendour Highlights

The Iconic Laundromat made it’s first appearance at Splendour this year and if you were patient enough to wait in line you could find yourself plunging into a groovy little dance box with some awesome DJ sets.

And there you have it, the official SearchParty wrap-up for Splendour In The Grass 2019 and to say we are exhausted is an understatement.

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For those lucky buggers that wrangled up a cheeky interview with the roaming SP team, stay tuned for our Aftermovie coming out early next week with a re-cap of all the craziness that was captured over the weekend.


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