Grab your gummies you gumbies because it’s time for a good ol’ fashioned Splendour bender.


The time has finally arrived and all the hard work of getting tickets, organising the crew, accommodation and scoping out those perfect outfits is now complete, meaning it’s all systems go.

Whether you’re a Splendour connoisseur or a fresh boi you’re all going to be needing the same festival essentials.

Don’t let these unfavourable winter temps deter you from the festival fun you’re about to experience because we’ve got your official checklist for Splendour In The Grass that’ll get you through the weekend without any hiccups. Maybe a few taccy voms though.

Checklist Essentials:

1. Sneaky snacks

Festival food can be pricey especially when you’re buying it for all three days so stuffing a few snacks into your jacket pockets certainly can’t hurt.

P.S. We’ve heard yogurt pouches are great for sneaking into festivals …

2. SearchParty

The must have Splendour essential that’s designed for festivals. With SearchParty there’s no more missing sets while you’re forced to look for that mate who’s chucked a sneaky smoke bomb.

3. Road trip bangers

Once again we’ve got your bangers covered with our SP_SITG playlist. Perfect for the road trip hype down to Splendour, pres, kickons and even to help cure that three day bender comedown on the way home.

4. Thermals

Best festival hack right here! Get yourself some cheap thermals this week before heading on down. Pack them in your bag each day and when the sun goes down and that harsh winter breeze comes in, slap on your thermals and you’ll be able to keep on charging.

6. Dry shampoo

Trust us, you’re not going to want to wash your hair every day, it’s cold and impractical. Pack a big bottle and give your hair a spray when the grease and ciggy smells get a bit too prominent.

7. Disinfectant

We’re talking body wipes, hand sanitisers, mouthwash … the works. You’re going to want all the help you can get to keep your hygiene in check over the weekend.

8. Portable heaters

Depending on where you’re staying, a portable heater will be your saviour to help you defrost when you get home each night. If you’re camping then you’re sh*t outta luck.

9. Reusable Water Bottles

Save some cash and the planet one reusable water bottle at a time. Take an empty bottle in with you and spend the money saved on more drinks and dagwood dogs.

10. Gumboots

You’ll be needing gumboots regardless of the weather. They aren’t just comfortable but they are also super easy to clean off the dirt, dust and other bodily fluids that build up over the weekend.

Cheap spots to buy your last minute sh*t

Need to find some last minute things that aren’t going to cost you an arm and a leg? These are the places you need to go to stock up and save the extra dosh for vodka Red Bulls.

If you’re heading to Splendour In The Grass don’t miss your chance at being a B-list celeb in one of our SearchParty interviews. Look out for our team with the gold mics and get ready for some hard hitting festival questions.

If you’re not so lucky and didn’t snag those Splendy tix then follow us for your virtual insider scoop of Splendour In The Grass all weekend long. From stage vids, festival fashion, food and some serious banter we’ll be giving it to you straight from the parklands to your Instagram feed.

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