While all good things come in small packages, being five foot nothing can also be a pain. Yes, it’s great buying kids’ sized clothing and having extra legroom on planes, but when it comes to surviving in a crowd, it’s a war zone out there.

The shorties at SearchParty have drawn from personal experiences and real life struggles to bring you five hot tips to survive the crowds this festival season.

1. Maximum advantage shoes

Stilts and stilettos are a big no-no for festival fashion, but platform sneakers can make all the difference. Check online for some trendy lil platform Converse, Pumas or even a pair of creeper – keep in mind every inch counts. You might roll an ankle or two, but all in the name a good time.

Image of sausage dog on stilts
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2. Tall friends are your best asset

Invite your token tall friend to join your festivities, but be sure they have the capability and willingness to put you on their shoulders intermittently throughout the day/night. These tall friends are extremely valuable and should never be taken for granted. You should probably shout them a drink or two in exchange for their kind service.

Image of big guy holding hands with really small girl
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3. Location, location, location

Unless you want to be punched in the head, stay clear of the mosh pit – they don’t call it the ‘Wall of Death’ for nothing. Sweaty armpits and swinging elbows are your worst nightmare here and you’re bound to cop them. Opt for a spot on the side wing for maximised visual clarity and easier entry/ exit routes. The front row is also a big no-go zone, especially if you’re claustrophobic – being crushed is never a good time.

Meme of 4 image of peoples backs saying "concerts #growingupshort
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4. Periscopes

Sure, taking an actual periscope in to a festival may be pushing the limit, not to mention a little weird. But, makeshift periscopes work just as well. Open the camera on your phone, hold it above your head, look at the screen and voilà … you can see over the sea of people around you! If that fails, incorporate one of these bad boys into your outfit.

Image of two men with periscopes
Source: www.fastcompany.com

5. Play the ‘Lost’ card

Weaving through a rough group of tallies and no one’s willing to move? Just tell them you’ve lost your friend or sibling. Sympathy works a treat: it’s a bonus you’re small and cute, so use it to your advantage. Damn tall people, ya’ll gullible.

Gif from South Park saying "I am a lost little boy".
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