What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with a good ol’ fashioned pub crawl? It’s time to gather the crew, sort out the green outfits and get your livers ready. It’s about to be a rowdy weekend of Guinness, giveaways and lots of Irish grub.

Not sure where to go?

Well lucky for you because we’ve built a St. Patty’s pub crawl itinerary that’s perfect for a night out on the Gold Coast.

Shark Bar:

Start your day right at the Miami Tav/Shark Bar. You can’t go past a $10 pot n Parmi or a $15 Guinness burger to get into the spirit. Plus they’ll be giving away prizes for best dressed on the day.

Once you’ve finished up it’s time to get on the bus or Uber and head into Surfers for the rest of the day.

Finn McCools:

Next stop is Finn McCools. These guys are hosting a great bunch of live Irish artists all day long, plus a fully stocked bar of Irish beers of course. Just don’t go overboard on the beers if you want to finish the rest of the crawl.

Waxxy’s Irish Pub:

After Finn’s you can walk straight on over to the newly opened rooftop at Waxxy’s. The perfect place to sink a few pints and re-group with the crew to see who’s still around for the next stop.


You’ll be well and truly tipsy by this point so it’s best to make a quick pitstop into the Lansdowne Road Irish Tavern where you’ll find some great Irish food specials, perfect for lining the stomach to help you get through the rest of the day.

Clock Hotel:

With Clock Hour drink deals starting from 9:30pm, you can’t go past the Clock Hotel for a cheap beer or two.

Surfers Paradise Beer Garden:

Next stop, the Beer Garden, known for its ‘very’ relaxed atmosphere and live music without having to be overly dressed or presentable really.

Kitty O’Shea:

More giveaways and Guinness. At this point there won’t be a lot of members of your crew left, so Kitty’s is the perfect place to retire the pub crawl in style and congratulate yourself for making it the whole day.

Keeping together as a group on a pub crawl is a tricky challenge. Don’t waste precious drinking time searching for your friends or trying to arrange meet-up points. Get the SearchParty app before you go, create your own private pub crawl Party with your crew and you’re sorted.


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