SearchParty’s Top 10 Festival Camping Tips

Amateur Edition:

Get your goon sacks boys because festival season is upon us and that means it’s time to get your tents out and body wipes ready. However if you’re a camping amateur then we’re here to help with our top 10 festival camping tips to get you through the weekend, without starving or doing any permanent damage:

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1. Goon Sacks

Buy a few goon sacks. Not only are they super cheap but they can also double as a pillow once you’re finished. A pre-warning though, it tastes like cat p*ss and will knock you around if you finish the whole thing on your own.

2. Set Up Before Drinking

Be sure to set up your campsite before you start drinking said goon sack/pillow or you’ll find yourself struggling to find your hands, let alone tent poles, leaving you sleeping in a very compromised position.

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3. Cheapskate Mattress

If you’re on a budget or just a stinge and don’t want to fork out on an air mattress, go straight to Big W and get a pool float. It takes five seconds to blow up and it’ll make sleeping on the ground a little more bearable.

4. Follow Instructions

If you’re a rookie camper and have never set up a tent before, make sure you follow the instructions – don’t wing it. While it may not seem necessary to use all of those stakes and pegs in your haste to get the tent up and first beer cracked, you’ll regret it when a big gust of wind comes and blows your tent into oblivion.

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5. Backups

Take backup underwear even if you’re only going for three days. You never know what kind of trouble you can run into when you’re camping and don’t have access to fresh undies. (Tip number 7 is the perfect example of why backups are important!)

6. Safety First

Don’t get too consumed by the excitement of what alcohol to take and how many packets of Mi Goreng you can fit in your bag – remember to pack some essentials like a first aid kit, water and camp chairs. Easy to forget and can easily ruin the camping experience if you do.

7. Fruit > Mi Goreng

Remember to pack more than just the Mi Goreng noodles because they aren’t going to sustain you for three days. Packs some foods with actual nutrition like fruit or meat but just be sure to take a cooler for anything with a quick expiration date or you’ll end up needing your backup underwear sooner than expected.

8. Early Bird

If you’re camping at The Big Pineapple, Splendour, Coachella etc. make sure you arrive nice and early so you don’t run the risk of getting a tent site near the toilets. If you’ve ever camped at a festival you’ll know that within the first hour the toilets are somehow already covered in faeces and you don’t want to be sleeping anywhere near the smell that wafts from them.

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9. Lock Up

You should always get a lock for your tent so that when you’re gone for the day you don’t get any wandering drunks mistaking your tent for theirs and passing out inside. This can become a problem however when you get too drunk and forget the lock combo or lose the key … then you become the wandering drunk.

10. Wet Wipes are Key

And lastly, you should automatically assume that all of the showers in any campground, festival or not, are disgusting and you should always pre-plan by taking enough dry shampoo and wet wipes to last a lifetime.

And to help you out once you actually enter the festival make sure you and your crew have SearchParty downloaded and ready to roll. Create a Party and when you get to the campsite don’t forget to Pin your tent and your car.

For a mid week mood booster check out our Splendour In The Grass playlist with all the goods from the lineup this year.


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