Last minute Valentine’s Day dates that don’t need booking.

Valentine’s Day aka the Hallmark holiday keeping Cadbury, Honey Birdette and old love florist down the road, out of liquidation. It’s a day that divides us all but no matter what stance you take on Valentine’s Day you know you’re going to want to do something, whether it’s for yourself or your significant other. So in light of this we’ve gathered the best, last minute Valentine’s Day dates that’ll keep you out of the doghouse or just out of the house, for the night.

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The DIY Date

If you’re looking to pull off the perfect last minute Valentine’s Day date then you’re going to need the DIY date. When done well, the DIY date can disguise itself as a well-thought out date.

You’re going to need tea light candles, picnic rug, two kinds of cheese, grapes, red wine of your choice, (or blackberry juice if you’re a child or sober), some sand, a sunset and smooth jazz. And there you have it my friend, the perfect DIY date.

top-last-minute-valentines-day-dates DIY on the beach with cheese board and red wine
Source: @ebonyyshield

The Rainy Day Date:

If it’s raining then the aforementioned DIY date is off the cards and it’s time to scrap the sand, sunset and candles and wrangle up some blankets, a car with a big boot, a nice view and some fairy lights but keep the wine, cheese and smooth jazz. And poof, the DIY date: Car-boot edition. 

top-last-minute DIY valentines-day-dates in the back of the car with blankets and a picnic basket

Late Night Date:  

Just because you work late doesn’t mean you can’t still get a little lovin’. For those late night knock offs we suggest you grab a 7-Eleven caffeine hit, call up a Valentine’s date nearest to you and rustle up the energy to go to a nearby dive bar and settle in for a tipple and some tunes.

friends at the night cap dive bar in nobbys beach
Source: nightcapnobbys

Budget Buster Date: 

We all feel a little sore this time of the year whether it’s because we’re still on holiday recovery or just bad at saving, irregardless of the reason everybody has their days. However, for a date on a budget you’ve actually got a lot of options you just have to break the stereotypes of expensive roses, bubbles and lingerie.

1. Ice cream date: But not at a gelateria it’s just a tub of Coles brand vanilla and some caramel sawce

coles ice cream and caramel sauce

2. Cheap beers and 50c wings: The true Aussie aphrodisiac

wings and beer from ze pickle for the top-last-minute-valentines-day-dates for cheap
Source: @zepickle

3. Karaoke date: Because nothing says ‘i love you’ like screaming skater boy at your local pub

couple singing karaoke
Source: @holeymoleygolf

4. Your treat for dessert: But instead of Max Brenner it’s a round of Maccas 50c cones with a flake

soft serve ice cream as a top-last-minute-valentines-day-dates
Source: @mcdonaldsau

5. DIY Sip and paint: But instead of a pricey canvas, it’s just a cheap bottle of red and painting each others faces

couple from the bachelor painting themselves as a top-last-minute-valentines-day-dates

The Anti-Valentine’s Day Date: 

For all those newly singles looking for a spontaneous gal/guy’s night out to help get your mind off of those roses you didn’t receive, the world is your oyster. There’s a million and one activities to do when you’re not tied down on a day like Valentines.

Valentine’s Dates for singles:

1. Pizza for one date: Order pizzas and settle in for a night of reruns of Friends

gif of joey from friends eating pizza
Source: @pizza

2. Relaxed AF date: Buy yourself a box of Roses choccies and get a bubble bath going

gif from pretty woman in the bath

3. Drunken friend date: Get the crew over for drunken Scrabble

scrabble gif

4. Happy hangover date: Go out with the crew for jager bombs and loaded fries

Loaded fries from Milky Lane for the best last minute date idea for couples and friends
Source: @milkylaneoffical

5. Spectacular solo date: Go for a solo session of bowling, hot dogs and cocktails

girl bowling for a last minute solo valentines date
Source: strikebowling

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