Move over Cupid, SearchParty is here.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, bringing with it an influx of Instagram spam of chocolates, roses and way too many appreciation posts. However if like most people you’ve been so focused on recovering from the holidays and getting back into the swing of things at work that you’ve forgotten to plan something special, don’t start sweating just yet.

SearchParty is here to relieve the stress by giving you 6 Last Minute Valentine’s Dates that don’t need any pre-planning.



1. The Cheesy Date

If you want to pull off a romantically cheesy date but you’re a week too late to book a restaurant, the next best option is to order a takeaway pizza, buy a bottle of wine and head to the nearest beach or park. Just be sure to avoid Burleigh Hill or you’ll be sharing your romantic moment with half of the Gold Coast.

 Source:  Blank GC

Source: Blank GC

2. The Cheap Date

If you’re broke and can’t afford a pizza but you’re still determined to do something meaningful for your loved one, nothing says ‘I love you’ like packet brownies that you pretend you’ve made from scratch. They will set you back about $3 and only take about 25 minutes to prepare.

3. The Lazy Date

If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to leave the house or cook, then you can always order Uber Eats and light a few candles. And to help set the mood we’ve created the perfect Valentine’s Day playlist for couples that’ll give off a nice romantic ambiance without having to do anything remotely romantic. Results without effort? Winning.

4. The Spontaneous Date

If you’re feeling adventurous but handcuffs and blindfolds are out of the question, you can always go to Padlockd on the Gold Coast for 60 thrilling minutes of being locked in a room together where your only escape is to follow clues and solve puzzles. Just don’t spring it on your partner if they’re claustrophobic.

5. The IDGAF Date

Lastly, if you’ve exhausted all other options and none of the above take your fancy, you can always take your partner down to the local pub for happy hour and a chicken schnitty. A pre-warning if you pull this one on Valentines Day: it’ll most likely be your last.

6. The Anti-Valentine’s Date

And for the newly split singles who are spending their first Valentine’s Day alone, get yourself a pint of Ben & Jerrys Tonight Dough, put on the latest episode of MAFS or settle in for a night of crying yourself to sleep to the sweet sounds of our SP_ Anti V-Day Mix.



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