Fashion plays a massive role in every festival and with each new season comes a new fashion craze that thankfully dies out only months later. We’ve seen it all from sweaty latex in summer to nothing but nippies and booty shorts in winter, each year more tragic than the last.

So to ring in the winter festival season we’ve created a throwback to the worst of the worst and you’d probably be lying if you haven’t worn or thought about wearing at least one of them.

Gladiator Sandals:

Image of gladiator sandals

The girls who wore these were the same girls who cried at parties and listened to O.G. Taylor Swift.

Borat Mankini:

Image of guy in borat mankini in a moshpit

Because there was nothing more appealing than seeing a sweaty guy’s ass and balls slip out of one of these bad boys in the mosh pit. Good riddance.

Native Headdresses:

Gif of girls in native American headdresses

Most commonly worn as a fashion statement by privileged drunk girls in short shorts and crop tops. Thankfully banned in most music festivals, we’re unsure how they were ever allowed in the first place.


Image of girl in fishnets

The fashion statement of 2017 however you may still find a few stragglers that insist on wearing them … we insist that you don’t.

Group Onesies:

Image of group in onesie

The people who wore matching onesies to festivals were usually the same people who complained about your loud music in the campsite.

Metal Bras:

Image of girl in metal bikini

Because hypothermia was worth it if you looked cute.

Now if you’re thinking festival fashion couldn’t get any more heinous then you need to gear up because they say the worst is yet to come. So to prepare you for the oncoming festival season here’s a few ideas of what you should be expecting to see and probably will be wearing soon enough.

Skinny Sunnies:

image of eBay sunnies

We’ve had love-hearts and shutter shades and now we’ve got grandad’s newspaper reading glasses…

Glitter Everything:

Meme of girl eating glitter and covered in glitter

No need for clothes this year, not only will you be seeing more glitter boobs but you’ll also be seeing the addition of glitter ass and glitter anything-it-can-stick-to really.

Bucket hats:

Image of Tommy Jeans bucket hat

This one really brings back those ‘no hat, no play’ vibes.


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