“F*ck it’s cold” – the Queenslander standard greeting when the temp drops below 10°C.

It’s getting cold down under and don’t we know it. No longer can we get away with leaving the house in less than a jumper and jeans without getting stiffles hard enough to cut glass. It’s time to rug up Queenslanders and get ready for a rough couple of weeks of freezing your asses off and complaining about it constantly.

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To help with your change-of-season prep, we’ve got your winter survival guide sorted with some of the best hacks for staying warm without getting fat or racking up the electricity bill, plus some of the ‘hottest’ places you should hit up.

Sticking to the gym:

No sane person actually enjoys getting up at 5am and forcing their body into an hour of sweaty exercise but you gotta do what you gotta do. So here’s some motivational tips to stop you from snoozing that alarm so you can stick with the gym:

1. Sleep in your gym clothes: That way you don’t have to face that morning struggle of getting dressed.

2. Train with a friend: A gym partner will make you feel guilty for skipping.

3. Boot camp: Sign yourself up for a boot camp so you can’t back out.

4. Summer holiday: Plan a holiday where you’ll be required to spend most of it in minimal clothes and you’ll be motivated to staying fit.

Keeping warm:

You do know it’s possible to stay warm in winter without hurting old mate Mother Nature:

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1. Hot water bottle: Not just for the plebs who can’t afford heating, a hot water bottle is going to be the best thing you’ve had in bed all year.

2. Rum Bar: For the Gold Coasters, head down to the new speakeasy rum bar, Suga. When it’s too cold to do anything else it makes for a great excuse to get rum drunk with friends.

3. Tea: Not a fan of getting on the piss? Stock up on loose leaf tea from T2 and sip away on some of the best brews. It may not actually increase your body temp but it will make you feel warmer for a little while.

4. Layer up like a pro: Gloves, jumpers, thermals and thick socks – layer up to reduce the need for bumping up the heat. For bonus warmth, load up on some hot hands, these little pocket gems will keep you feeling toasty all day long.

5. Dry shampoo: Wash your hair less and use more dry shampoo; that way you won’t be using the hair dryer as often.

Avoid drying out:

Winter can turn your skin from luscious to dusty in a matter of days so we’ve gathered a couple of basic tips to help:

Gif of Spongebob Square Pants being revived with water
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1. Moisturiser: Double down on the moisturiser and replenish skin twice daily to avoid ending up like a dry sponge in a matter of weeks

2. Face mask: Slap on a face mask at least once a week or if you’re feeling fancy try to book in for a facial or two over the colder months.

3. Stay hydrated: It’s important to keep on top of the water intake over the colder seasons or you’ll end up like a dried out sponge in a mater of days.

What to eat:

Ahh winter, the prime time to absolutely ruin your summer body by demolishing anything you can get your hands on, only to have a breakdown when you’ve ‘accidentally’ put on 5kgs … It happens to the best of us so we’ve got a few easy ideas to help keep you out of the Maccas drive-thru and staying in your fave shorts:

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Source: tenor.com

1. Meal prep: If you’re organised enough, prepare your food so you’ll be less inclined to snack and eat junk.

2. Alternatives: Find healthy alternatives to the comfort foods you love. e.g. hot chocolates using raw cacao and almond milk.

3. Healthier take-out: Choose restaurants that serve up some serious fruit and veg to keep your immune system in check. For a fill of comfort food that won’t damage the diet head to Govindas for some vegetarian goodness.

4. Immune boosting foods: Turmeric lattes and ginger shots all round. If you’re keen to keep your health in check this winter stick with the foods with the most benefit to your body.


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