Ah Boxing Day. The traditional day of cricket-watching, leftover-eating . . . and making a beeline for the shops to return those dodgy gifts your dearly beloved bestowed on you the day before. There’s something about Christmas that brings out the worst, the crappiest, the nastiest garbage dressed up with shiny paper and a bow and delivered with a smile.

In celebration of the traditional Boxing Day re-gifting, we round up the Top 10 Worst Christmas Gifts Ever (even worse than Lynx Africa). Might make you feel a little better about those socks you’re holding in your hot little hands right now. (Or give you some ideas for revenge gifts next year – you’re welcome).

1. A pre-loved belly button ring . . . from your mum: This is not even a joke – #truestory. Sure, receiving heirloom family jewels is sentimental, but there’s a sharp difference between ‘heirloom’ and ‘pre-loved steel mum’s worn in her own skin’ (and probably paired with a crop top). Smile, say thanks, and get the hand sanitiser, STAT.

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2. Crocs:  Never. Ever. Do not pass go. Just don’t. Anyone who gifts these crimes against fashion should be cut from your life. And they can take the Crocs with them.

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3. A bathroom scale (or any fitness/diet related gift, unless specifically requested – proceed with extreme caution): Because nothing says Merry Christmas like, “I think you’re fat.”

4. A gift card holder . . . without the gift card: Yeah but nah. Thanks anyway, Nan.

5. Any Britney Spears perfume: sure Fantasy might have been high on your hit list when you were 10, but now that you’re in your 20s it’s not ideal to go out smelling like a Sour Worm.

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Our SearchParty team share the spirit of Christmas with the worst gifts they’ve ever received. All stories are true. And yes, some of us are still scarred.

Dan, Art Director: “A few years back I was keen for a Bose Bluetooth speaker. Mum took up the mantle, and I received a portable kids’ speaker from Kmart, batteries NOT included.”

 Dreams vs reality Dreams vs reality

Tahlia, Marketing: “The shittiest gift I’ve ever received was literally shit. It was my last gift to open on Christmas morning and it was poop emoji pool toy.”

Selena, Social Media: “I received an empty packet of Tim Tams that had been expertly re-sealed. All the Tim Tams had been eaten, and inside was a bunch of orange peels instead. The even sadder part is that I hate oranges, and there was no back-up gift.”

Courtney, CMO: “The worst gift was the year I received a size 16 red satin g-string in the office Secret Santa . . . I’m a size 8. And no one anywhere is a fan of red satin.”

Jessy, Content Producer: “An empty box with two cookies inside . . . still ate ‘em though.”

Think you can beat these shockers? Tell us what you got this Christmas – comment on our Insta or share your pic – #searchpartyapp

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