If, like most of us, you haven’t started your shopping (except for yourself), don’t start sweating just yet because we’ve compiled a list of goodies under $40 that’ll be sure to please anyone from your uncle to your ex, while still leaving you with enough money to go hard on New Year’s.

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Read on, and get shopping.  The Christmas countdown starts NOW.

1. The Gym Junkie

Personal blender with portable bottle $34.99

2. The Crazy Cat Lady

Banana pet bed for cats & dogs $24.99

3. The Coffee Addict

Simply gum coffee chewing gum $14.24

4. The Frequent Flyer

Carry on cocktail kit $24.00

5. The Xmas Enthusiast

Lit up like a Christmas tree holiday flask

6. The Avo Lover

MojiPower avocado portable power bank $28.00

7. The Selfie Queen

Dayroom – LED selfie ring light with wide angle & macro lens $39.99

8. Your Uncle

Yellow Octopus – Sandal socks $16.99

9. Your Ex

Up yours! Rude finger coffee mug $17.99

If all else fails and you’ve run out of time to order online, just head down to BWS, grab the first thing on sale, stick a bow on it, pop it under the tree and enjoy a well deserved drink or three because Christmas is upon us.

Source: giphy.com


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