We’re throwin’ it back with some early ’00s nostalgia when paying bills wasn’t a concern and the worst kind of transmitted disease you could get was cooties. Back when Doodle Jump was the main reason for getting a phone and the only kind of hangover you got was from one too many Slush Puppies.

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If you’re in the mood for a little nostalgia then feast your eyes and get ready to reminisce with these 15 trends from the early ’00s that every Gen Z kid can relate to.

If not, then you must’ve had one mediocre childhood …

1. Limewire

When you’d risk giving your computer AIDS for some good tunes.

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2. Tamagotchi

Every kid’s first experience with being a parent, and failing miserably.

Image of tamagotchi

3. Littlest Pet Shops

There was always that one chick in class who collected Littlest Pet Shops and weirdly bragged about it …

Image of Littlest Pet Shops.

4. Scoobie strings

When you’d have to go searching around the whole school to find that one person who knew how to get the scoobie started.

Image of Scoobie strings.
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5. Supre

The ultimate white girl starter pack and you’d be lying if you didn’t have at least one of them.

Image of Early '00s Supre starter pack.
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6. Sims

When you’d get bored of playing so you’d get your Sim to go swimming, remove the ladder and watch them die …

Image of Sim in a pool.
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7. Peter Pan

Everyone’s first crush who set high standards for boys worldwide. Only to be left pretty disappointed when realising Kyle was as good as it was going to get.

Image from Peter Pan movie of Peter Pan holding a knife.
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8. iPod nano

Uploading the new Lil Wayne album onto this bad boy and walking around with it on repeat because you owned the school.

Image of iPod Nano's 3rd Gen.
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9. Impulse

There was always that one ratbag who would give one of these a spray as soon as they got on the bus and sit back waiting for the bus driver to lose his sh*t.

Image of old impulse can collections
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10. Lip-smackers

When you’d lose one of these baddies in the washing at least once a week.

Image of Lip Smackers.
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11. Pez

The unintentional gateway to popping pills in your 20’s.

Image of Pez.
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12. MSN

Thinking you were being slick without anyone noticing.

13. Butterfly clips

If you think stepping on LEGO is bad, you’ve never stepped on a butterfly clip and had it break into a million pieces under the soft part of your foot.

Image of butterfly clips in brown hair.
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14. LG Webslider

The girls who owned these all peaked in high school.

Image of LG Websliders in red, blue, pink and silver.
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15. SingStar

When you were convinced you could actually sing so you recorded yourself only to be sadly disappointed by the outcome.

Image of Beyonce's I'm a Survivor song on Singstar game on TV.
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