Never lose your friends again!

SearchParty connects you with your mates in an instant – view their location on our interactive maps, chat in private or public parties, and even get help with one click.

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SearchParty App Features

Find your mates

Don’t waste time wondering where your mate got to. With SeachParty, you can see all the people in your Party with live location tracking.

SearchParty Find Your Friends

Public or private parties

Private parties mean only you and your invited friends can chat and see each other’s locations. Only the host can invite friends, to keep your Party free from crashers.

Public and Private Parties

Stay in touch

Group chat is the perfect spot for your pre-festival planning, messaging on the day, and the post-festival glory stories.

SearchParty Group Chat

Stop chasing friends

Send an instant message to stay put, so you can easily meet up.

Stop Chasing Mates

Get help

Got lost? Got messed up? Hold the alert button and every member of your Party receives an instant notification that you need help. Or call Emergency Services with one click.

Help and Alert Feature

“Wish I had this at Splendour last year – love it, awesome design, great maps”


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